WorldBeat Cultural Center
Drumming, Dance, & Culture

WorldBeat Cultural Center

Located on Park Blvd, the WorldBeat Cultural Center is a building that you can't miss. The cylindrical shape and colorful murals is the first indication that this place is something different! Indeed, this non-profit multi-cultural organization is dedicated to promoting, presenting, and preserving the Indigenous Cultures of the world through music, art, dance, technology, and culture. Wow - does that not say it all?

The Center has many programs & services that nurture & teach cultural arts. These include but not limited to:

  • Ethnobotanical Garden Program: over 6000 students are taught aspects of agriculture, nutrition, and the importance of plants to indigenous cultures.

  • Disabled Program: includes over 60 students who come together every Monday for one hour of music. Students can drum, dance, be MC, socialize, and listen to guest performers.

  • Children's Program: includes a 5th Grade Integration Program, Toddlers' & Children's drumming classes, and an after school program.

  • Media Arts Program: technology oriented program that teaches students aspects of:
    Communication & PR;
    Graphic Arts & Web Design;
    TV & Radio Broadcast / Live Webcast;
    Events Production; and DJ School.

  • Community Health & Education Program: includes
      - alternative healing (acupuncture, massage chiropractic medicine, energy healing, Qi Gong and yoga);
      - Woman in Recovery program: a six-month program to help women on parole make better choices for a healthier lifestyle;
    - Children's Summer Yoga Camp: wholesome, fun for kids.

WorldBeat Cultural Center

The WorldBeat Cultural Center is an also educational institute and offers numerous classes including:

WorldBeat Cultural Center

  • African Studies Department
    • Afrikan / Kemetic Language
    • African Studies

  • Drum Department
    • African Drumming
    • Japanese Taiko Drum
    • Children's Drumming
    • Afro-Cuban Percussion
    • Brazilian Samba
    • Dumbek Drumming
    • African Djembe Drumming
    • Native American singing, drumming, and dancing

  • Dance Department
    • African Dance
    • Brazilian Samba
    • Tribal-Style Dancing
    • Community Outreach / Capoeira

  • Health & Wellness Department
    • Qi-Gong Energy Healing
    • Special Needs
    • Yoga & Meditation
    • Health Consultation
    • Ethnobotany

The center is so active, that there is an event, a class, an activity, or a gathering almost everyday of the month.

Most classes are drop-in but some require preregistration (Taiko Course). Some classes are free (Qi Gong Practice) while others range from $5 to $12 per class (Drumming classes).

WorldBeat Cultural Center
Location, Hours of Operation

WorldBeat Cultural Center
(map location 31)
2100 Park Blvd. in Balboa Park.
San Diego, CA 92101

Mon - Fri:   11 am - 6:30 pm
Sat & Sun:  12 pm - 6 pm

On most Sunday afternoons, outside the WorldBeat Center, you can see & hear drummers drumming for hours.

Park at the:
- former Naval Hospital lot
- Starlight Bowl lot (map).