Wahoos Fish Taco in la Jolla

wahoo's fish taco

Wahoos offers fish tacos, burritos, enchiladas and similar fast-n-easy foods but with a twist: it's fast, fresh and healthy. Somewhat surprising, this laid-back hangout is in the middle of the affluent community of La Jolla.

wahoo's fish taco

The Food

As mentioned above, Wahoo's is cheap, fresh AND healthy. A sandwich or a burrito is about $5; a taco or an enchilada is about $2.50; combination bowls and platters are $5 to $8 (plus a bit more if you want shrimp). Kids menu at $3 to $4.

Everyone knows that beans & rice make a great protein combination but Wahoo's goes the extra mile by offering brown rice and tofu!

Here's how it works: order at the counter:
  1. decide what you want (taco, burrito, enchilada, salad, sandwich or bowl)
  2. choose a filling (fish, chicken, carne asada, shrimp, carnitas, tofu, or vegetables)
  3. make it a combo or not
  4. choose a starter (chips and salsa, soup etc),
    choose a side (fries, onion rings etc),
    choose a drink
  5. pay, get your drink, grab a seat. They will bring the food to your table when it is ready.

Beer and wine available. Limited choice of desserts: cookies, brownies or ice cream. Catering, gift cards, and swag available.

wahoo's fish taco
The Decor

In the La Jolla branch, Wahoos dining room is small: there's two sections, each can hold about 30 people.

But the most astounding thing about the dining room is the decor. It is plastered with stickers and logos from skate board and surf vendors. Wall to wall, floor to ceiling, windows, chairs, tables, and counter tops are are covered with brand name labels.

Otherwise, the dining room is typical: chairs & tables. There are 2 TVs showing footage of dudes surfing or excelling in similar sports. Outside seating available for a small group of 5 - 10 people.

There is a good amount of foot traffic. There is a rapid turnover with some dine-in customers and a healthy flow of to-go patrons. Don't expect to have luxurious, fine dining here, but do expect good food at good prices.

Established in 1988, three brothers created a chain of 50 Wahoos restaurants which serve a mix of Mexican, Brazilian, and Asian flavors in a sand-and-sea environment. Basic, good food at affordable prices. It's great to know that such low-key establishments can survive in downtown La Jolla. Definitely worth checking out.

Location, Parking and Hours of Operation:

wahoo's fish taco

Wahoos in La Jolla
637 Pearl St
La Jolla, CA 92037
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Open from 10:30 am to 9 pm daily.

There is practically no parking.
Only a few spots reserved for Wahoo's patrons. Find street parking along side streets.