Veterans Memorial Garden
in Balboa Park

Veterans memorial Garden

The Veterans Memorial Garden is a one-acre piece of land dedicated to the men and women who have protected and defended the United States of America. These include veterans who served in the Army, the Marine Corps, the Navy, the Air Force, the Coast Guard, and the Wartime Merchant Marine.

The garden was dedicated on November 11, 2005 (Remembrance Day) and was proposed to have three areas: an Air Garden, a Land Garden, and a Sea Garden.

Veterans memorial Garden

The completed Air Garden has a bronze replica of a WWII B-24 Liberator. It is one-sixth scale with an 18' wingspan and hovers over a reflecting pool. During WWII, almost 40% of all B-24s were made in San Diego thus, this sculpture is a tribute to the pilots and to the men & women who built the airplanes.

Veterans memorial Garden

Top Image: Proposed layout of Veterans Garden. Notice the three sections: west, northeast, and southeast. Image from David Reed.

The Sea and Land Gardens will also have a central monument to represent their themes.

The Sea Garden will be at the southeast corner of the garden leading to the Veterans Museum. The Land Garden will veer northeast towards Inspiration Point Way and Park Blvd.

The three gardens will be connected by paved walkways and will converge at a central spot called the Veterans Circle.

Bottom Image: Actual satellite shot from Google. Notice the B-24 replica of the Air Garden on the west and the spiral floor of the Visitors Circle.

Veterans Circle can be recognized by the spiral floor pattern and the outdoor amphitheater.

Veterans memorial Garden

Inscription at the Veterans Circle reads: Veterans memorial Garden

Veterans Memorial Garden;
map location 39
In front of the Veterans Museum and Memorial Center.
Open Daily. Free.