Tartine in Coronado
a European Style Cafe

Tartine European Cafe Coronado

The island of Coronado has lots of interesting places to eat but Tartine is one of my favorites. Other eateries are noteworthy because of their location (at the Coronado Ferry Marketplace, at the Hotel Del, or along the main strip: Orange street). On the other hand, Tartine is noteworthy for its good food and atmosphere.

Tartine European Cafe Coronado
The Establishment

Tartine is more like a cafe or bistro. The establishment is small (capacity is probably about 50 people) with indoor and outdoor seating. The tables are typically small and suited for parties of 2 to 4; though, tables can be moved side-by-side to accommodate larger groups. The decor is plain with some contemporary art. The most notable feature of Tartine's decor is its European-style, open-air feel with large windows and high ceiling.

Patio seating is pleasant and allows you to enjoy the fresh air and greenery while watching people walk/bicycle by. If you happen to have a dog, it can settle down at the patio and have a drink of water from the complimentary dog bowl.

Tartine European Cafe Coronado

The Food

It's hard to describe the food offered in Tartine. There's not a large selection, yet whatever is offered is superbly prepared. On one hand, it is nothing special (salads, sandwiches) yet, Tartine can transform a simple meal into a delectable offering.

The menu is divided into
Breakfast: granola, quiche, croissant, and similar;
Dinner (one of each: pasta, steak, duck, seafood); or
All Day (salads, sandwiches, and cheese platters).

But that's not all, Tartine has an amazing selection of desserts: not only does it taste good, it's also visually stunning. There is a full espresso bar for coffee lovers and a good selection of teas. Tartine carries the fancy-smancy "Mighty Tea " variety. There's a selection of wines from around the world with Wine Tasting every month.

All in all, Tartine is one of those restaurants that you won't forget. The service is often brusque, though that doesn't stop me from coming back again and again. It must be the combination of good food; pleasant clientele; and European feel. It's a jewel in the Jeweled City.

Note: Tartine means "a French open-faced sandwich, especially one with a rich or fancy spread".

Tartine European Cafe Coronado Location, Parking, Facilities

1106 First Street, Coronado
phone: 619-435-4323
fax: 619-435-2374

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Only one restroom: large and sufficient.