Spanish Village Art Center

This page lists the studios and the art work that are in the Spanish Village Art Center at Balboa Park. Go here to read about Spanish Village Art Center.

What's inside the Cottages?

Studio NumberArtwork
1 Oil Painting
Ceramic Tiles
3Mixed Media Painting and Collage
4Watercolor on Silk
Watercolor on Rice Paper
5 San Diego Enamel Guild:
Enamel on Copper, Steel, and Silver
Wall Pieces, Table Pieces, Jewelry
6Handmade Pottery, Raku
Porcelain, Sculpture
Watercolor, Pastel and Oil Paintings
Hand-woven Baskets of Palm Sheath
Mixed Media Metal and Bead Jewelry
Silk painting

7Fused Glass & Handcrafted Gold and Silver Jewelry
Beaded and Fiber Art Jewelry
Fused Glass Items and Jewelry

8Mixed Media
Gourd & Jewelry
Glass, hot, lampwork & jewelry
Mixed Media

9Dichroic glassware and Jewelry
Polymer Clay
Mixed Media
Lampworked glass beads and Jewelry

10Clay Masks, Clay Sculpture, Jewelry, Raku
Watercolor, Mixed Media, African-American Designs

14Egg artistry
Borosilicate Glass

15Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture

16ASand Paintings, Sculpture

16B Clay Creations & Embellished Doll Pins
Pastel & Oil Paintings
Mixed Media 3D, Photography, Gourds

3D Mixed Media in Paper Mache
3D Mixed Media in Copper

19 Hand blown glass
Fine Art Photography

20Printmaking, oil painting, leather & jewelry

23 Southwestern Artists' Association:
Over 50 local artists represented. Art demonstration on the first Monday of every month, 10 am to noon.

24 Hand Painted and Etched Glass & Mirror
Fused Glass Jewelry

25Art Glass Guild: 35 different glass artists in one studio!

26Basket maker and oil pastel artist
black and white photography
Watercolor, Mosaic
Printmaking - Photo Etching

27Jewelry - Sterling, Embellishments
29 Potters Guild: Over forty local potters represented. Semi-Annual Exhibitions: 2nd weekend of June and Nov

30Polymer clay artist
Creative beadwork
Polymer Clay Artist

312-D Mixed Media Painting

32Fine Art, Silk Painting Art to Wear & Contemporary Jewelry
Mixed Media Quilts

33Silversmith creating handcrafted Agate and Jasper
Goldsmith specializing in Mokume Gane (wood grained metals), pearls and gems
Precious Metal Clay

34AGourd Art
Pastel Artist
Fiber Artist

Polymer Clay

35Jewelry - Metalsmith

36Sculpture Guild: bronze, terracotta, stone, etc
Bi-monthly shows

37Handpainted Silk Clothing, Fiber Wrapped Jewelry
Beaded Jewelry
Oil Painting

38Wood Carvings & Wood Turnings Co-Op Guild

39 Sculptures, raku, fibers rocks & fossils
Ceramics & Mosaics
Photography & Blown Glass
2D Mixed Media, water color, colored/graphite pencil

40 Metalsmith, Jewelry, Colored Pencil
Colored Pencil & 2D Mixed Media
Textile Fiber Art

41 Handblown Glass Vessels & Paper Weights
Handmade Glass Beads & Wire Art
Polymer Clay, Silk Painting, Printmaking


Spanish Village Art Center
1770 Village Place, San Diego, CA 92101

Located at the north end of Balboa Park between the San Diego Zoo and the Museum of Natural History. See map location 3.

Open everyday from 11am to 4pm (except Christmas Day, Thanksgiving and New Years Day