Solid Rock:
Indoor Rock Climbing in San Diego

Solid Rock indoor rock climbing
Solid Rock is one of two indoor rock climbing gyms in San Diego

Solid Rock indoor rock climbing

As you enter Solid Rock you are faced with a monolithic sign spelling:  S-O-L-I-D

Talk about in your face. If you have never been into an indoor rock climbing gym - it is in your face! The place is wall to wall gravel, rocks, slabs, hand holds, foot holds, ropes, anchors, and... colorful tape. The color-coded tape guides you up routes of varying difficulty depending on the color. There might be one rope, but you can use that one rope ascend 3 or 4 different routes.

Solid Rock serves up over 100 top-rope routes, 4 bouldering areas, and 3 lead climbing areas that encompass 2 arches and a cave. - wowza! About 70% of the gym is devoted to top-roping, about 20% to bouldering, and 10% to lead climbing. Don't know what "top-roping", "bouldering" and "lead climbing" means? Read all about it here.

Fingers starting to cramp up? Maybe it's time to exercise your large muscle groups. Go upstairs and check out the exercise equipment: free weights and cardio training machines for you to use so that you can "balance" your training program. The spacious upper level can also be reserved for parties and private functions.


Stay downstairs and grab a Gatoraid from their in house dispenser. Chit chat with the staff members and just hang out a bit. The people who work here are generally friendly and knowledgeable. They are very familiar with beginner climbers and they welcome kids. Kids birthday parties are quite common at the Solid Rock, plus they have Boys & Girls Scout programs (with a Indoor Rock Climbing Patch) and a Teens Rock Climbing Camp. All in all, very community oriented establishment which emphasizes fun and safety.

Oh - I should mention that there is only one bathroom and it is small but clean.

This review is based on Old Town branch.
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Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri................... 11am-10pm
Saturday..................... 9am-9pm
Sunday...................... 11am-7pm
National Holidays........... open @ 9am

Location, Hours of Operation

There are 3 locations:

2074 Hancock Street
San Diego, Ca 92110
992 Rancheros Drive
San Marcos, Ca 92069
13026 Stowe Drive
Poway, Ca 92064