Anza Borrego
Slot Trail / Canyon

slot trail anza borrego

The tall canyon walls of the Slot Trail make it an interesting hike to experience.

From the city of Borrego Springs, go south on Borrego Springs Rd until you reach highway 78. Turn left and go east for about 1.5 miles. Look for a small brown sign on the left indicating "Butte Pass Rd". Turn left onto this packed dirt road and go straight for about 1.8 miles. Stop and park at the dead end T-junction.

You will have to scramble down into the slot canyon. Look around and find an access route which you can negotiate. Conditions change year to year but you should be able to find entrance without too much difficulty.

slot trail anza borrego

Once down, go left: the slot trail is hard packed and gravely. It is 1.5 miles long and winds along making it an easy and comfortable walk.

In some places, the passage is narrow, though years of wind and rain has opened these passages so that you need not fear of being stuck in a crevice.

There are numerous places where the canyon has been scooped out by the elements. These cave-like dens are 5 or 6 feet high and provides shade. It can be quite cool in these carved out sections yet at the same time, it can be quite hot in the exposed sunny sections.

slot trail anza borrego

This is not a loop trail, so after you have come to the point where the trail ends, turn around and head back to the T-junction parking lot.

If you have time, try the Butte Pass trail. From this location, you can walk the trail and be at the top at the butte in about 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can drive a wide circle around the butte and look up from the canyon below. If you enter the city of Borrego Springs, be sure to enjoy the life-size metal sculptures in Galenta Meadows.
slot trail anza borrego

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