General Public San Diego Transportation

san diego public transportation bus trolley ferry San Diego transportation for the general public is surprisingly expansive and includes bus, trolley, ferry and train. Very few San Diegans actually use the bus; but the trolley and commuter trains are in high demand for those who work and/or live in Mexico or North San Diego County. [Photo: San Diego's bus, trolley, and ferry]

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The Transit Store in downtown San Diego has maps, brochures, tickets, tokens, and all sorts of public transit paraphernalia. It is also the place to get transit ID or to find lost items. If you are visiting San Diego and want to use bus, trolley, train, and/or ferry as your mode of travel, be sure to stop by the Transit Store and get all the information you may need. Or, visit their web site for San Diego transportation.

The Transit Store
102 Broadway (corner of First Avenue)
Phone number is (619) 234-1060

School-aged children sometimes learn about public transportation by going on a field trip which utilizes:
  - the bus (to get to Old Town Transit Center),
  - the trolley (to get to the Port of San Diego), and
  - the ferry boat (to cross San Diego Bay).
It is a pleasant trip and takes you to the beautiful MarketPlace in the City of Coronado (the "Crowned City"). Maybe you should try it too.