San Diego Restaurants

The San Diego restaurants are defined by the racial diversity of the city. According to 2010 US Census, San Diego's population is composed of 64% White people. The remaining 36% non-Whites provides racial diversity and great ethnic dining!

Below is a list of best ethnic, San Diego restaurants. Click onto the link get a full review. Explore and Enjoy!

Burgers & Fries: Which do you prefer? Getting a burger from a hole in the wall, or getting a burger from an island in the ocean? The answer is obvious - Islands is an instant classic in my little black book of restaurants.

Islands fine burgers & drinks

Chinese: There's no formal "Chinatown" in San Diego, but there are many Asian stores near the vicinity of Convoy St and Kearny Mesa Blvd. Here, you will find a smattering of Chinese restaurants: the top 3 being:

Emerald (dim sum)
Jasmine (Chinese New Year)

Coffee and Tea house: Looking for a place to chill-out and chit-chat? Why not try one of these coffee / tea houses? Best done in combination with other activities that are happening within the area.

Living Room Coffeehouse

Greek: If you're looking for something classy try Apollonia in the UTC area. If you are looking for something quick, try Daphene's, a chain restaurant serving up affordable and very acceptable Greek food.

Cafe Athena
• Daphane

Japanese: For those who love Japanese food, finding the best Japanese restaurant is a life-long quest. The raw fish used in making sushi and sashimi should be really fresh for the discriminating pallet. Try these establishments:

Edo Sushi
Yoshi Sushi
• Sushi Otay

Mexican: Being so close to the Mexican border, San Diego has many good Mexican restaurants. Some are very rustic while others are mighty fine. Either way, it's good food usually at bargain prices.

Cozymel's Mexican Grill
• Cafe Coyote

Mongolian: Mongolian cooking does NOT involve stir frying food in a over-sized skillet - that's just a misconception. In fact, Mongolians have been cooking food in soup-based hot pots for over a 1000 years. Try it and see what life was like in nomadic Mongolia.

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

Persian: Combine good Persian food and a nice, classy restaurant and you'll get Sadaf. It's a small place that's never too busy or noisy. Pretty cozy and pretty good: give it a try.

Sadaf Restaurant

Pizza: If you are interested in a basic pizza, then order from Papa John's or Domino's. These fast food chains provide basic pizzas at basic prices. However, if you want something a little different, then try California Pizza Kitchen.

California Pizza Kitchen

Thai: Thai food is one of my favorite kinds of food. It's got a lot of delicate flavors which will stimulate your sensations. Think: ginger, galangal, sweet basil, coriander, lemongrass, tamarind, curry, chile peppers, and more.

Spices Thai Cafe (full service)
Saffron (semi-service)

Vegetarian: Unfortunately, there are very few vegetarian restaurants in San Diego. Many restaurants offer a "healthy choices" or "low calories" options, but there are only a handful which are truly vegetarian.
Sipz Vegetarian Fuzion Cafe in Clairemont
Zinc Cafe & Market in Solano Beach

Different: The restaurants listed here are noteworthy because they are "different". Maybe they are at a cool location or they have funky decor. Maybe they are health conscience or have an interesting twist on a familiar theme.

Wahoo's Fish Taco in La Jolla
94th Aero Squadron Restaurant

Best Restaurants by Location

Balboa Park: By far, the best restaurant in Balboa park! Southwestern entrees, great desserts & coffee, fabulous decor, excellent service:

The Prado

Coronado Island: There are many trendy restaurants in this picturesque island, but our favorite hasn't changed:


Embarcadero: When you get tired of walking the Embarcadero and visiting the Maritime Museum, then it's time for some bay side dining. Try:

Anthony's Fish Grotto

SD Zoo: There are over 10 eateries at the zoo, but there's only one full-service restaurant. I highly recommend it over the other eat-and-run joints. If you can, try to get outdoor seating:

Albert's Restaurant

SD Safari Park: There are a number of eateries scatted through out the Safari Park. Some of them are kiosks selling snacks while others sell more substantial fare. A very acceptable dining establishment is the:

Thorntree Terrace

Seaport Village: There are a number of quick food establishments in the food court at Seaport Village but if you are looking for a pleasant sit down meal, you should consider the:

Edgewater Grill