San Diego Ice Arena

San Diego Ice Arena

The San diego Ice Arena in Mira Mesa is a stand-alone, all-inclusive, full-scale, indoor ice skating rink that is geared towards fun, fun, fun!

San Diego Ice Arena

This ice rink is tucked in a residential area of Mira Mesa but it serves up a lot of power in its punch. The establishment is well managed with friendly people who are there to help you have a safe and good time. The ice rink provides a slew of activities including:

  • figure skating: classes and freestyle sessions
  • hockey: classes, leagues, pick up games, and stick time
  • public skating sessions: Family Party, Teen Meltdown, and Adult Night
  • Birthday Parties: for children and for teenagers.

There's so many activities ongoing at this rink that it seems as if there's someone on the ice every minute of the day. Of course, this isn't true because the ice rink is cleared occasionally so that the Zamboni has some ice time too. One thing is certain: Freestyle sessions begin at 4:45 am Monday thru Friday. Pick-up hockey games are from 10 pm to midnight on Mondays and Wednesdays. Thus, the rink is sometimes open from 4:45 am to midnight - when do these people sleep?!

San Diego Ice Arena

The public ice skating sessions are open to people of all ages. There is no minimum age, though, the smallest skates available for rent are size 6 (toddler). Some of the public skating sessions are designed to suit different age groups:

  • The Adult sessions are for 16 years of age and older: the music is from the 70's and 80's and the general atmosphere is that for a mature audience. Tuesdays from 7 pm to 8 pm.
  • The Family sessions are geared towards easy, family fun. Included here are: parachute games, giant basket ball games, hokey-pokey on ice, and an appearance by the ice rink mascot, Ice-Qub. Saturdays and Sundays from 1 pm to 3 pm.
  • The Teen sessions include current popular music and a snow ball fight. Generally, the pace is quicker and things are just a notch more energetic. This is all with the help of a live DJ. Friday evenings from 7:30 pm to 10 pm.

San Diego Ice Arena

The San Diego Ice arena upstairs is a large dance floor with disco lights and funky music. This is where the birthday parties are held. If you organize a birthday party here, your job is going to be easy. The party coordinator does everything from serving the pizzas to leading the group in games & a mini skating lesson. The birthday parties are all inclusive and include pizza, drinks, cake, ice cream, party favors, skate rental, and time on the ice rink (parents skate free!). The birthday parties are scheduled so they coincide with the public skating session: the food and games are private, but the ice skating is with everybody else.

San Diego Ice Arena
Location, Prices, Facilities

The San Diego Ice Arena has its own parking lot: parking is free and plentiful. Reduced rates for groups and packages/passes. Otherwise prices are:

San Diego Ice Arena
11048 Ice Skate Place
San Diego, California 92126    
$10 for children
$12 for adults
$9 for walk-in freestyle
$15 for pick-up hockey

There is no food served at the San Diego Ice Arena, though there are vending machines and tables where you can sit and eat. If you have signed up for a birthday party, the food is included in the price: pizza from Papa Johns and cake from Albertsons. Otherwise, outside food is not permitted. Bottled water is allowed.

Inside the Ice Arena is a store (The Pro Shop) that sells a mass of ice skating paraphernalia. Mostly, it is hockey related: skates, sticks, helmets, padding and more. Dashing figure-skating apparel for girls also available.

Bathrooms are clean and there's many of them. There is a small arcade with a handful of games.