San Diego Grocery Stores

San Diego grocery stores are plentiful. If you are living in San Diego or are thinking of moving here, you might be interested in what the major grocers are and where to buy ethnic foods. Well, here's a basic breakdown:

Major San Diego Grocery Stores:
Vons, Ralphs, and Albertsons
These three biggies are what you might expect: big supermarkets which carry everything from avocados to zit-removers. What I mean is:
- fruit & vegetables, meats, breads & cereals, dairy products,
- alcohol, soda pop, bottled water, candy, canned goods
- pet food, paper plates,
- household needs (needle, thread, plunger, shoe polish),
- personal hygiene products
- detergents and soaps
- gift cards, greeting cards, and school supplies.
Some will even carry a few Asian or Mexican food,

Like I said, everything from avocados to zit-removing creams.

Health Conscience San Diego Grocery Stores:
Whole Foods is a chain of fancy grocery stores with beautiful displays, colorful vegetables & fruits; and fine wines & cheeses. These grocery stores are somewhat upscale: they carry fewer items but the items are more expensive. Whole Foods has health/environment conscience options such as:
- organic fruits, vegetables and meats;
- phosphate-free detergents and soaps;
- environmentally friendly diapers and toilet papers;
- grains sold in bulk such as quinoa, bran etc.
- and other nature-friendly items.

Some complain that Whole Foods should be called Whole Paycheck because you can easily spend an entire paycheck there. In 2011 employees have made public rantings about the work environment and you can find spoofs on youtube. That all being said, it is a very nice grocery store offering good quality food although it is pricey.

Trader Joes and Sprouts Farmer Market is a favorite among housewives and other health conscience bargain shoppers. These two stores offer good quality food at very reasonable prices. However, they do not carry everything, so if you shop at Trader Joes and/or Sprouts you will likely need to shop elsewhere to find the other items on your list. In 2012, Henrys Market Merged with Sprouts to give Sprouts Farmers Market

Trader Joe is great for fruits and vegetables, ethnic foods, and imported goods. Henry's is good for fruits & vegetables, and bulk foods. Both of these stores have a limited meat department.

Ethnic Grocery Stores in San Diego

European foods:
  • Continental European Deli: In terms of European grocery stores, there is a small one in La Jolla just outside the UCSD. The store is not very large, but it is jam packed with food stuffs: Polish, Russian, Hungarian, French, Italian, and Jewish. Read more
Asian Grocery Store:

  • Ranch 99: The biggest Asian Grocery store which seems to carry everything: a hodge-podge of household items, foods, and live seafood (and I mean still swimming around) Read more

  • Mitsuwa: A Japanese grocer carrying bonafide Japanese foods (such as fish which can be eaten raw) and a slew of Japanese snacks which are available no where else. Included here are Japanese dinnerware and famous icons such as Hello Kitty Read more

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