Pellys Mini Golf

Pelly's mini golf
Pellys Mini Golf in Del Mar is a tasteful outfit where kids and parents can have a pleasant time.

Pelly's mini golf

Mini golf in the USA is really geared towards children though parents are never too old to have a good time too. This sport is one of those old fashion activities where family can spend quality time together without shoot-em-up arcades games or crazy amusement park rides. Here, it's relaxing, fun, and wholesome.

Pelly's mini golf

To start, check-in at the Golf Mart or at the kioski at the bottom of the ramp. Pay, choose a golf club & ball, and you're ready to go. There are two courses: Surfin Safari or Ocean Adventure. Both are 18-hole courses, but the Ocean Adventure course is a little easier, so if you have young children, take the Ocean Adventure route towads the right side.

Pelly's mini golf

Mini Golf
In terms of the actual golfing, Pellys Mini Golf is a little more low key than some of the other places I've seen. There are no windmill blades to dodge or cubbyholes to aim your golf balls. There are a few uphill ramps, plateaus, sunken greens, and boulders to maneuver around, but nothing too childish or cheesy.

In many ways, this "plain" aspect of Pellys Mini Golf courses is what makes it classy. There's no fairytale phenomena and no gaudy gimmicks. It's just mini golf!


Getting hungry or thirsty? Grab a bite to eat at the Surf's Up Cafe. They serve hot dogs, hamburgers, pizzas, ice cream, drinks, and shaved ice (see menu here). There are two picnic areas where you can rest and eat under a straw umbrella. A little closer to the driving range, there is an indoor seating area where you can buy Gatoraid, coffee, and snacks.

Pelly's mini golf

Pelly's mini golf

Educational Aspects

This establishment is more than just family fun: it was dedicated in February 2008 to "...promote education, conservation, and appreciation of our local ocean and marine life." True to its words, each hole has a name and an informational plaque related to the topic at hand. For example, Hole 1 of the Ocean Adventure is called "Turtle Bay" and has information about leatherback turtles.

Ocean Adventurers will learn about marine life while Surfin Safariers will learn surf-lore. Some holes are named "Wipe Out Pollution" or "Down the Drain" which explain ways to preserve the environment: don't litter, don't pour motor oil down the drain, and do recycle!

Pelly's mini golf


The best part of Pellys Mini Golf course is the decor and general ambiance. The grounds are prettily maintained with trees, bushes and flowers. There are trickling waterfalls and ponds with Koi and goldfish. Depending on the season, there maybe water lily flowers in bloom. The look may be different from season to season, but the general tone is more natural "garden" and less sugary "candyland".

The two min golf courses have different decorations. For example, the Surfin' Safari has a Pipeline wave which you can walk through. Ocean Adventure has a pirate boat, a shark cage, and giant marine-life sculptures. Great photo op's!

Both courses will experience piped-in music such as "California Dreamin", "Hotel California", "A Horse with No Name" and similar songs to time-warp you back to the 1970's!


Pellys Mini Golf
15555 Jimmy Durante Blvd.
Del Mar, CA 92014
(858) 481-0363
it is apart of the Del Mar Golf Center
east of the Del Mar Fairgrounds

Pelly's mini golf

Located in the Del Mar fairgrounds and right beside highway 5, Pellys Mini Golf is easy to find. Because Pelly's is fairly new, it is still somewhat of a secret - it doesn't get crazily busy. However, the establishment is not very large, so 3 or 4 concurrent parties will fill it up quickly.

Pelly's mini golf

The Del Mar Golf Center has:
• 65 teeing stations (25 grass);
• 50,000 square foot short-game area;
• The Golf Mart (store);
• private lessons, clinics and classes;
• SCGA membership;
• Surf & Turf tennis pro shop and lessons; and
• 60-site Surf & Turf RV Park.
Adults and age-appropriate youths can practice their swings at the driving range: pay per bucket of golf balls; first come, first serve. The mini golf courses is right beside the driving range. See photo.

Price, Hours, and Parking

Cost for an 18-hole game is;
  Adult Child
per game $9 $7
group rate $7 $5
play again $4 $3
Pelly's offers birthday party packages at $15 or $20 per person. They include:

    - one or two rounds of mini-golf;
    - 2 or 4 hours of patio time;
    - hot dog or pizza, and drinks.

Pelly's mini golf Open Sun to Thurs: 9 am to 9 pm.
Open Fri and Sat: 9 am to 10 pm.
Parking is plentiful and free.