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Color Me Mine pottery ceramic paint
Color me Mine: a place where you can choose and paint pottery.

Are you interested in making your own ceramic ware but can't throw a decent bowl - even if your life depended on it? Don't worry, at "Color Me Mine" you can create your own designer ceramic ware without ever having to wrestle with a pottery wheel.

There a lot of reasons to try this paint-your-own art studio.

  1. it's fun: they call it "the art of having fun",
  2. it's creative,
  3. it's relaxing: there's something about working with pottery that allows your worries to fade and melt away,
  4. it wholesome: a great place to experience quality-time with your kids, your family, your friends, or just yourself!
  5. it's a getaway: when you're tired of the beach, the zoo, and the usual affaires, this is the place to go for a quick getaway. Check it out:

Color Me Mine pottery ceramic paint

"Color me Mine" is a store where you can choose ceramic ware (called a bisque) and paint pottery at your leisure. When dry, the establishment will glaze it and then fire it in a kiln. A few days later, pick-up your finished creation and take it home.

How Does it Work?

First, browse the shelves and see what ceramic pieces are available. Do you want to make something useful like a cup or a plate? Do you want to make something commemorative, like a tile or plaque? Maybe you want something whimsical like a mermaid or a fairy. There's 400-600 pieces to choose from so, take your time.

Once you've chosen a piece, pick a table to work on. Look at the color tablet and choose a few colors you wish to paint with. Go to the back room and find the paint by its number code. There's 50 - 80 colors to choose from and you can use as many as you like. These paints are non-toxic, lead free, and are food-safe.

Let's start to paint pottery! Is it going to be a strictly-paint project? Will you add a design, a pattern, or words? You can use stencils and stamps (provided) or you can transfer your own design onto the bisque using special tracing paper (provided). You can browse their computer for ideas and patterns. Truly, every piece will be unique.

When you're done, give your piece to the shop keeper. She will let it dry, glaze it, and then fire it in the kiln. You can come pick-up your finished ceramic project in 4 or 5 days. You'll be amazed, the colors become brilliant after firing. You will exclaim "Hey, I can paint pottery and make customized ceramic ware!"

Color Me Mine pottery ceramic paint

What if I make a mistake? Don't worry, you can remove the paint with sponge & water.

How much will this cost? It costs $10 to use the studio - that is to say: sit there & paint pottery, use all the paints & tools available, and have your piece glazed & fired in the kiln. The ceramic piece itself varies in price from about $12 to over $100 for the big vases & platters. On average, expect to pay about $14 per pottery piece.

How long with this take? As long as you want. On average, expect to spend about 2 hours. If you happen to come near closing time, you are welcome to come back the next day to finish up. Though, they will charge you another $10 studio fee if you are milling about just for the purpose of being trendy.

Can I bring my kids? Of course! Recommend for kids 3 and over; though they have entertained children as young at 20 months of age. Keep in mind that this is a art studio, not a playground. Now, if you want, you can reserve a semi-private room; for example, for your child's next birthday party. Here, you can let them loose a bit.

Can I bring a bunch of friends? Yep. A small group of 3 or 4 is cozy. If you want a pack of people, consider renting the party room. If you have 35 friends or more, you can rent the entire studio. Call to check for prices.

Do I have to come back to pick it up? Yes. "Color Me Mine" does not deliver. But, some branches have To Go Service. Which is to say, they will bring everything to your house (pottery, paints, brushes, sponges, stencils, stamps etc.). Call to inquire.

Location, Hours of Operation

Currently there are 2 locations:
      Color Me Mine Rancho Bernardo
4S Commons Town Center
10550 Craftsman Way, Suite 183
San Diego County:
Ranch Bernardo, CA 92127

Color Me Mine Santee
214 Town Center Parkway, Suite B
San Diego County:
Santee, CA 92071

Hours of Operation vary depending on each branch. Generally they open at 10 am or 11 am and close in the early evening (7 or 8 pm). Call for exact details.

Color Me Mine pottery ceramic paint