Oceanside Pier Fishing

oceanside pier fishing

Oceanside pier fishing can be a relaxing and pleasant activity for you and your family. At 1,942 feet in length, the Oceanside Pier is one of the longest wooden piers in the West Coast. It is safe, has a clean public restroom, the people are generally friendly and, best of all, it's free!

A license is not required for Oceanside Pier fishing; however there are some general rules:

  • no dogs, no alcohol, & no glass containers,
  • no biking, no roller blading,
  • no sitting on the rails, no jumping off pier,
  • no smoking, and no overhead casting.
  • When in the ocean, must be at least 100 feet away from pier.

oceanside pier fishing

At mid pier, there is a bait & tackle shop where you can buy live bait and other fishing accessories (hooks, weights). It also sells chips, chocolate, candy & drinks; a different kind of bait which will surely lure young anglers. Public bathrooms are also located here.

oceanside pier fishing
There are benches along the pier but you can also bring your own lawn chair. You can pack a lunch or dine at Ruby's Diner located at the end of the pier (see below).

Are there fish to be caught here? Yes! Some youngsters showed us their catch of the day: about 5 smelts.

A seasoned fisherman had hooked about 10 fish - he had been fishing for 2 hours.

To her delight, lady caught her first fish. Her companion helped her unhook the fish and was hero for the day. Maybe you'll be lucky too!

oceanside pier fishing

oceanside pier fishing

There are pelican and seagulls. Sometimes you can see dolphins jumping in the ocean waters. The mountains in the distance, the sun above, and the waves below make this a pleasant place to spend a few relaxing hours.

One of the perks about this beach is that it has a playground with slides and swings. If you get tired of Oceanside Pier fishing, you can always go play on the beach or go surfing. So, with fishing, eating, surfing, beach combing, and walking on the pier - there's enough material here to keep you busy.

Location: Oceanside Pier is located at the end of Pier View Way in Oceanside, CA.

Parking: A paid parking lot is located near the entrance of the pier and metered parking is available along Pacific Street.

oceanside pier fishing

oceanside pier fishing

Ruby's Diner Oceanside

Ruby's Diner Oceanside
About Ruby's Diner:

Ruby's Diner at the end of the Oceanside Pier is a 1940's style restaurant. The decor is totally nostalgic with red vinyl booths, white Formica tables, and poster art or the same ear. Yes - they do have a juke box and a soda fountain. Don't forget to try your luck at the gum ball machine: if you get a red gumball, you can trade it in for a free malt shake!

The original Ruby's was built in 1982 by Doug Cavanaugh and his buddy Ralph Kosmides. It has now expanded to 46 locations each with it's own flavor of decor depending on it's locale.

The food - oh yes, the food is a kick-back to a happier and simpler time: hamburgers, hot dogs, and malts. Over the years, they've expanded their menu to include breakfast, lunch & dinner with "light" offerings too.

If your at Oceanside Pier fishing for the day, be sure to drop in on Ruby's - it's fun, it's nostalgic! Not convinced? How about this... the restaurant was named after the owners mother, Ruby Cavanaugh - awww!

Ruby's Diner Oceanside 1 Oceanside Pier
Oceanside, CA 92054
P: 760.433.7829
F: 760.433.9963

Sun-Thurs: 7am-9pm  
Fri-Sat: 7am-10pm