Mission Beach

mission beach

Mission Beach is fairly busy and popular beach. It is a continuous strip of beach extending from Pacific Beach down to the Mission Bay Channel. Some people who are at Pacific Beach walk southbound and end up in Mission Beach. Similarly, people driving around Mission Bay often end up at Mission Beach.

mission beach

The Beach

Mission Beach is a perfectly fine beach offering a great view of the ocean, sandy shoreline, and friendly people.

Compared to the other beaches in San Diego, Mission Beach is the most basic. It's not the best beach for kids, nor does it have the best waves for surfers. It's not the most luxurious beach, nor is it the grungiest. However, it is famous for the oceanside amusement park called Belmont Park.

mission beach In terms of facilities, this beach is pretty well stocked. There are
  - lifeguards on duty,
  - public washrooms & showers,
  - a boardwalk,
  - nearby stores & shops,
  - tables and grassy area for picnics.

Belmont Park

A major allure of Mission Beach is Belmont Park: a small amusement park right beside the beach. Belmont Park has carnival-like games & rides, black-light mini-golf, a wave-making machine, and the the world's largest indoor swimming pool. It is also home of the Giant Dipper, a historic wooden oceanside roller coaster. Read more...

mission beach The Boardwalk

Mission Beach has a somewhat narrow cement boardwalk where you can bike, roller skate, roller blade, jog, and stroll along (less than 8 miles/hr).

Many youths enjoy "hanging out" along the boardwalk to people watch. In combination of the beach, Belmont Park, and people coming from Pacific Beach, there is plenty of foot traffic: a perfect place for young folks to look and be looked at! Please note that Mission Beach is not the same as Mission Bay. Mission Bay is a water recreational area suited for sailing, kayaking, and boating. Mission Bay has RV camping and small beaches along its coast line. Mission Beach skirts the Pacific Ocean whereas the Mission Bay beaches skirt the waters of the bay.

mission beach