Mini Golf in San Diego

mini golf
Most people consider mini golf to be a recreational activity suited for families; however, some people consider it a competitive sport. The World Minigolf Sport Federation has 40,000+ members and most European countries have their own Federation for promoting minigolf as a competitive sport.

In the United States, the second Saturday of May is National Miniature Golf Day. You don't have to wait for May to play; you can play any day at these locations:

mini golf
Mini Golf at Boomers: Talk about kid-city! Boomers has everything from arcade games to a zig-zag minigolf course. The 18-hole courses here are classic: windmills, ramps, and obstacles. Read more...

mini golf
Pelly's Mini Golf at Del Mar: A prime example of wholesome family fun, miniature golf is enjoyed by both children and adult. Pelly's is a classy outfit with well groomed landscaping and tasteful decor. Read more....

mini golf
Mini Golf at Belmont park: Belmont Park is a small amusement park right beside Mission Beach. Among the rides, there is an indoor, black light minigolf course. The entire course has an eerie fluorescent glow. Read about Belmont park...

mini golf
Mini Golf in Legoland: There is a 18-hole course in Legoland called Wild Woods Golf. Here you can putt in the presence of 40 lego forest-friends. This activity is not included in the price of admission and you need to pay $6 to play one round of golf. Legoland calls it a specialty activity.

A Little History

Did you know that the very first mini golf was established in 1867 in Scotland? Back then, it was inappropriate for women to whack a ball with a stick in plain view of the general public. To accommodate this, a small scale golf course was made so that women could play golf in a more refined, ladylike manner.

In the next few years, miniature golf became more popular in hotels and resorts. The courses were 1/10 the size of full-size golf courses and thus allowed guests to enjoy the activity without the hotel devoting tremendous green space to the sport.

In time, the grass was replaced by artificial materials and the activity went by various names:

miniature golf
midget golf
goofy golf
extreme golf
crazy golf
adventure golf
rinky-dink golf
pee wee golf
novelty golf
and more!

Take a Quiz

  1. What do you call the indentations on a golf ball?
  2. What do you call it when a person finishes 18-holes in 18 strokes?
  3. How many people can do this?
  4. What do you call it when the ball circles the entire rim and then drops in?
  5. What do you call it when the ball circles around the rim but doesn't fall into the hole?
  6. What do you call it when the ball rolls towards the hole but swerves away at the last minute?
  7. What is another name for hole-in-one?

Answers: 1. dimples;   2. a blue score (a score of 18 or 19 is considered a blue score);   3. over a thousand people have scored 18;   4. a victory lap;   5. a lip out;   6. a leak;   7. an ace;