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limos in San Diego
Interested in renting a stretched limousine in San Diego?

If you are visiting San Diego and want to travel in style, why not use a limo? If you live here, you can surprise your visitors by receiving them at the airport with a limo. Alternatively, you may need a limo for your wedding, prom, bachelor(ette) party, or as a drop-off service to a special event. There's quite a few limo-for-hire services in San Diego so polish up on limo literature before you proceed.

history of limousines History of Limos

The word "Limousine" comes from a region in central France called Limousin, France. A long time ago, shepherds in Limousin wore a hooded long coat to protect themselves from the rain. Later, a similar style of Limousin overcoat was worn by the driver of horse-drawn carriages. The driver sat in front and managed the horses while the passengers rode in a separate compartment in the back. When automobiles were invented, the term limousine was adopted to describe luxury cars which have separate compartments for the driver and the passengers. Click here to see how limousines are made.

Elvis limousine
The first limo was made in the late 1920's in Forth Smith, Arkansas. They were used to transport musicians in the big band era and thus were called Big Band Buses. Later, limos were used to transport movie stars, dignitaries such US Presidents, and other heads of state. [Photo: Elvis Presley's 'Solid Gold' Cadillac 75 Limousine. See full image.]

limousines books Limos really made their presence in 1970 during a taxi strike in New York. David Klein started to chauffeur business executives back and forth to their work place and thus, introduced limos to a wider audience. Read more about limos in this book.

Today, there are a few individually owned limos. Large companies may have an in-house limo for transporting CEO's or visiting business associates. The majority of limousines are owned by for-hire establishments. Which is to say, you can "rent" one for an hour or for a day.

Types of Limos

types of limos Luxury Sedans: A lot of people don't know this, but the most popular limousine service is not a stretch limo: rather it is a luxury car like a Lincoln Town Car or a Cadillac. In other words - it's a luxury, full-sized car with a chauffeur. These sedan limos are usually black in color and can seat 3 people comfortably. Sedan limos allow you to be transported in comfort and style without being overly showy. Business executives may be transported via sedan limos. Funeral attendees may travel by sedan limos to demonstrate respect without the "party" feel.

types of limos Stretch Limos: The most popular (in terms of familiarity) limousine is the stretch Lincoln limo. These long cars can hold up to 8 people comfortably. The stretch limos are usually white, black, or grey. On occasion you may find one that is pink, green or blue.

types of limos Exotic Limos: Now a days, limos get even fancier: they can be stretched Hummers, stretched SUVs, stretched VW Beetles, and stretched Corvettes. These super stretch limos can hold up to 14 people or more. Because some of these cars are so long - it is difficult to get in and out of them. Manufacturers address this by building 5-door limos so that you don't need to schooch along the seats to get in/out.

types of limos Party Buses: If you have a lot of people to transport, then your best bet is to hire a Limo Bus, also called a Party Bus [Photo by Tradalj .] These are rigged up buses that have all sorts of amenities within. The chauffeur will drive you around while you and your friends start partying.
Two major perks that Party Buses are:
    1. you can walk around the bus while it is moving and
    2. there's a bathroom inside the bus.

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