Limo Services in San Diego

limo service in San Diego
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Price Prices will depending on the type of limo you choose, and the day of the week & the season in which you wish to hire the vehicle. For example, prices are higher during New Years Eve, graduation (prom) time, and other calendar events. You can expect to pay:

Type of Limo $ per hour
Sedan $50 to $70
Stretch $80 to $100
(Hummer, SUV, VW Beetle)
$150 to $200
Party Bus $150 to $250

interior of limos Amenities

Sedans will have a polished interior with lots of leg room, and that's about all. Keep in mind that these luxury sedans are predominantly for reliable transportation like a taxi (except more clean and comfortable). These sedans have few amenities because they are not for partying. [Photo: interior of luxury sedan by Brendel.]

Stretched limos and party buses will have a variety of amenities from a basic refrigerator with a few sodas inside, to the exotic hot tub versions. Be sure to ask what is included in your limousine so you don't get disappointed. [Photo: interior of party bus by Tradalj (bottom).]
  • Refrigerators with sodas --> Fully stocked bars
  • CD players --> Surround sound systems --> Karaoke machines
  • LCD TV --> VCR --> DVD
  • telephones --> fax
  • Xbox --> Playstation Gaming systems
  • Laser Lights --> Strobe lights --> Fiber optics --> Disco ball
  • Casinos --> Hot Tubs --> Golf putting greens


limo chauffeur When shopping for a limo, people often think about pricing & amenities. However, service is of primary importance too. How would you feel if your limo arrived late and you missed the grand opening of an event? What will happen if your chauffeur forgot to pick you up after the event and you were left standing at the door? Heaven forbid if your limo broke down in the middle of the highway during your own wedding. [Photo by J Rosie]

Poor service may lead to:
  • Your limousine is late and you miss your event.
  • Your limousine is 20 years old with a deteriorating interior when you were expecting at a 2008 model.
  • Your chauffeur behaves like a New York taxicab driver.
  • Your limousine breaks down on the highway and there is no backup support.
  • Your limousine gets into an accident and does not have proper insurance to cover damages & injuries.
  • Your limousine arrives late for your wedding. Your the in-laws are furious, the Bride is in tears, and you save $20.

limo for brides So, the point is: it might be worth paying more to ensure good, reliable service. The question on the road is, "Would you hire the cheapest surgeon? Then why would you hire the cheapest limo?" [Photo by Infrogmation]

The best way to find a reliable limo service is by recommendation. Ask friends & colleagues if they know of a reputable limo service which they can vouch for. Or, check on the internet for online reviews. These are often painfully honest especially if the service is poor. You can also read online "testimonials" through the limo's web site - though these can be rigged. Lastly, just call them and see how professional they sound on the phone. Have a series of questions ready:
  • what is the make and model of their fleet of limos?
  • what is the chauffeurs' driving experience?
  • what is their insurance policy for accidents?
  • what is their back-up plan in case of limo breakdown?
  • is smoking allowed in the limo?

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