Legoland Water Park

Compared to other establishments in the area, Legoland Water Park is somewhat small. However, it is a fun-filled location worth the price of admission. Expect to find water slides, water falls, water guns, water spouts, water canals, water tubes, water buckets, and more!

Water Park Legoland Water Park was first launched in the summer of 2010 and remains a favorite attraction especially on hot summer days. To enter you must first enter into Legoland; turn left at the entrance, and go towards Fun Town. Here you will see the entrance into the facility. You can buy tickets at this entryway or you can buy tickets at the Legoland front gate.

Upon entry into the Legoland Water Park, head towards the left to find changing rooms, lockers, bathrooms, and showers. There are 600 lockers which come in two sizes: large ($9) or small ($7). Go to Guest Services to rent a wristband-activated locker.

If you intend to enjoy the Legoland Water Park, you should wear your swim suit; remove all loose or metal fixings (long necklaces, anything with zippers); and store away all valuables (wallets, cell phones, cameras).

If you do not have a swim suit, you can buy one at the store to the right of the entrance. Here you will also find sunscreen and towels for sale.

You can bring a towel and shoes (flip-flops are better). The Legoland Water Park is clean enough that you can walk around with no shoes, but the concrete may be hot especially during the dog days of summer.

If you intend to watch only and let your other friends/family play, then you can bring your belongings with you. Situate yourself under a huge umbrella and enjoy the view from the safety of a lawn chair. Alternatively, you can rent a cabana for a day ($180) or half a day ($130).

Water Park

Water Park

Water Park

Water Park Young children may use the complimentary life-vests supplied throughout the Legoland Water Park. The pool areas are about 2 feet deep so swimming is not required. Children under 6 should be under continuous adult supervision. Children under 3 need to wear swim diapers and everyone should use the bathroom before you start playing in the water.

All set? Here we go:

Upon entry, you will come upon the Imagination Station. Here, you and your children can dabble in water fun without getting too wet.
  - block the holes & watch the water level rise,
  - build a Lego boat and sail it down stream,
  - splash at the Lego water fountain (photo),
  - aim Lego water guns at the propellers to make them spin (photo).

If you go a little further, you will find the Big Squirt Fill Station. This is a pencil-like structure with buttons. Push a button and water will squirt out at you - not much water, just enough to get you to squeal and giggle. Much of the fun is that you don't know where the water will come from.

Water Park

Water Park If you really want to get wet, go over to the Joker Soaker. Here you will find a clock tower surrounded with water guns. You and your friends can blast each other but be careful: when the clock points to 12, a trap door will open and you will be drenched with torrential shower (350 gallons of water). Now, that you're really wet, you won't be afraid to waddle around the shallow pool or stand under the curtain of water from the waterfall (photo).

If you want something a little less intense, try the Build a Raft River. Get an inner-tube flotation device and bob down the river. You can decorate the inner tube with Lego pieces thereby making it your own. Race a friend, or take easy, the current will carry you along in a comfortable pace. Watch out for the water jets along the way.

Water Park

Water Park For children under 48 inches high, try the Duplo Splash Safari. This section offers 3 tame water slides:
  - a open slide,
  - a tube-style slide (Photo), and
  - a wide slide which allows up to 4 people to slide at the same time (Photo).

These are all made to look like the Duplo pieces. Includes giant Duplo animals too.

Kid Creek is also located here. This is a smaller version of the Raft River. Smaller, slower and more kid-friendly.

Last but not least, head towards the prominent castle-like structure and try one one of the big slides. You cannot wear a flotation device while sliding on these super slides. There are height & weight restrictions. Line-ups are long so brace yourself for the wait, and then for the plunge. Your choices are:

Orange Rush: A family tube-slide where up to four people can ride together. Maximum combined weight of 750 lbs, minimum weight of 200 lbs. Participants must be 42" to ride. Slide is 312-foot-long.

Splash Out: Slide is 240 feet in length. Participants must be at least 42".

Twin Chasers: Two side-by-side tube slides that are 130 feet in length. Participants must be 42" to ride.

Water Park
Water Park

Water Park When you're done sliding and splashing, You can grab a bite to eat at the Beachfront Grill. This outdoor food distributor offers salads, sandwiches, burritos, wraps, desserts, and drinks. Some tables are designated for patrons while other tables are for general use. See menu

Things to consider:

  • Luggage and Gear: one difficulty with this and all other Water Parks is that you cannot bring valuables with you while you play in the water. It is also cumbersome to retrieve and return items to and from lockers. Your adventure would be much more convenient if one adult is left in charge of taking pictures and watching belongings while the rest enjoy the water park. Devise a system to take turns.

  • Bathroom line-ups are long. Be sure to remind your children to use the facilities before it becomes an emergency. This is particularly annoying when someone is in the bathroom changing (they should be in the changing room so as to make the toilets available).

  • Some people choose the hottest days to enjoy the Legoland Water Park. Be aware that these days will give you the most UV and sun damage: play safe by wearing sun screen. On the flip side, you might be cold if you choose a day with cloud coverage.

  • Everything gets wet: if you play at the Water Park, your swim suit will surely get wet. If you choose to walk around with shoes, those will get wet too. Whether you bring your own towel or buy one from the store, it will get soaking wet too. Be sure to bring plastic bags to store and isolate your wet items away from the dry items. You can also try the blow dryer: up to 4 people can stand inside a structure and to be blown dry ($5)


In summary, Legoland Water Park is pretty fun with just enough things for young children, older children, and adults to enjoy. The park is small in comparison to the size of Legoland itself. Expect to spend about 2 hours here.

Location, Hours of Operation, Price

Legoland Water Park
1 Legoland Drive
Carlsbad, CA 92008
(760) 918-LEGO

Price: Your choice is to buy:
  • Resort Hopper pass which will allow you access to all 3 attractions: Legloand, the Water Park, and Sea Life. $89 for children, $99 for adults.
  • Water Park Hopper pass which gives you access to Legoland and the Water Park: $83 for children, $93 for adults.
  • If you already have a Legoland pass or ticket you can "upgrade" (add entry to the Water Park) for $10 or $15.
  • you cannot purchase tickets for the Water Park alone.

Water Park is only open in the summer when school is out (after first week of June, all of July & August, and first few weeks of Sept). Water Park opens at 10 and closes at 6 pm or 7 pm.