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When it comes to fun for the whole family, Legoland California is a fabulous destination. Although Legoland California is fairly expensive, there is much to see and do.

If you are visiting for one day only, it would be wise to pick and choose where to go so as to make good use of your time. The last thing you want is to wander around aimlessly like a lost tourist.

You can get a view of the entire park from beginning to end here, or choose a section that interest you:

Rides: description & restrictions
Things to Do (not rides)
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what to do with Babies
Hours of Operation, Price
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Places to Eat

Each section of Legoland California has a restaurant where you can find food. In between each restaurant, you will also find stand-alone kiosks selling snacks and drinks.

As you enter the Legoland California park you will immediately find a coffee shop on the left. This is even before you start enjoying the park. This eatery is called the Marketplace and serves us coffee, drinks, snacks, and some pre-made sandwiches.

At Duplo Village, you will find a "quick service" restaurant named Ristorante Brickolini. As you might predict, it has an Italian theme and serves up pizza, pasta, and salads. Photo.

Keep walking to the next area called Fun Town. Lots of choices for food here:
  • Fun Town Market one of the larger eateries in Legoland California which accommodates the high volume of visitors. It is a cafeteria style restaurant: get a tray, walk around and choose what you want, pay and find yourself a seat. Serves up a mix of things such as Asian Chicken Stir Fry, Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches, and a full salad bar.
  • Fun Town Hot Dog is right beside the Fun Town Market. It is great if you want avoid the crowd at the Market. Order at the window and then find yourself outdoor seat. Serves hot dog, corn dog, chili dog... you get the idea.
  • Burger Stop is beside the Driving School and serves up burgers and fries. Order at the window and then find a place (outdoor) to sit.
  • Lego Club House is a snack bar located inside the Club House store. Serves ice cream and popcorn.

Miniland USA has Garden Restaurant which offers gourmet sandwiches, and home made soups and salads. This restaurant is located in between Pirates Shores and Castle Hill but it has an expansive view of Miniland USA. Limited outdoor seating. Photo.

More food at Castle Hill.
  • Knights' Table Barbecue is the major eatery in this section of Legoland California. Cafeteria-style, "quick service" (grab a tray and shuffle along) with a choice of spare ribs, roasted chicken, baked beans, corn on the cob, Caesar salad, Cobb salad and more. Photo
  • Castle Burgers is beside the Dragon roller coaster. As you may guess, it serves hamburgers. Order at the window and the find yourself a place (outdoor) to sit and eat.
  • Granny's Apple Fries is a MUST try! It is Legoland California 's signatures snack composed of cooked Granny Smith apples, cinnamon sugar, secret ingredients, and vanilla cream dipping sauce. Yum! Photo
  • Sir Scoops Ice Cream: serving up a variety of Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream. Coffees available too.

There's two eateries at the Imagination Zone:

  • Upper Deck Sports Cafe is the only full service restaurant in Legoland California. Here, you get to sit down and have a waitress/waiter come and present you with a menu! Sit back, relax and eat: fish and chips, grilled salmon, burgers, and more.
  • Pizza Mania is a quick-service eatery offering family and individual sized pizzas. Also has ice cream, pop, and snacks.

There is no food at the Dino Island, Pirates Shore, and Land of Adventure.

Places to Shop

Not surprisingly, Legoland California is peppered with stores where you can buy Lego merchandise. As you enter the park, immediately to the right, you will find the
Big Shop which sells everything from hats & t-shirts to a large selection of Lego toys. It is the ultimate LEGO shopping experience!

Dino Dig Store in Dino Island sells dino-themed clothing and dino-themed LEGO sets.

Studio Store in Duplo Village sells Lego toys related to movies such as Star War, Indiana Jones, Thomas Tank Engine, Bob the Builder, SpongeBob Square Pants, Toy Story, and more.

Brick Brothers Trading in Fun Town sells surf and beach wear from Quiksilver, Roxy and Rip Curl.

Lego Club House in Fun Town sells lego bricks by bulk. Organized like a by-bulk food store, you can buy lego pieces by the scoop: $7.99 per 1/4 pound.

Buccaneer's Booty Shop in Pirates Shores sells pirate paraphernalia such as pirate hats, t-shirts, eye patches, and swords. Also sells kid's swimsuits, towels, and sunblock.

Kings Market in Castle Hill sells role-play & dress-up costumes (princess or knights in armor) and unique Lego toys.

Lego Technic Shop sells bionicle and technic kits.

Pippin's Bazaar sells a variety of things including lego toys related to Indiana Jones and Prince of Persia.

Activities that are Not Rides

  • Dig those Dinos in Dino Island: a huge sand pit where kids can pretend to be archeologists. Use buckets, shovels and brushes to look for dinosaur bones. No age limit. Photo.

  • Raptor Splash in Dino Island: water balloon battle station where two groups of people can bomb each other with pre-filled water balloons. No age limit but there is an additional fee to play. Photo.

  • Duplo Playtown a partially enclosed area dedicated to babies, toddlers, and young children. There are large, kid-safe, play structures such as houses, slides, a walk through maze (only waist high), and easy-to-grasp Duplo pieces. Photo.

  • Lego Factory Tour in Fun Town: walk through a simulated Lego factory where you can see how Legos are made. Everything from the individual bricks made from molds; to assembly machines that pack it all together. No age limit.

  • Adventurer's Club in Fun Town: walk through a series of habitats (rain forest, artic tundra, Egyptian tomb etc) in search of seven lost keys. No age limit but children should be accompanied by an adult because it can be dark and scary. Photo.

  • Soak and Sail in Pirate Shores: a free-play water-area where children can be splashed and drenched. Any one can enter but children under 10 and/or children under 36" tall must be accompanied by an adult. You will get wet. Photo.

  • Swabbies Deck in Pirate Shores: Designed for younger kids, this free-play water-area has water jets, and squirt cannons. You will get wet. No height restrictions but children under 4 must wear swim diapers. Photo

  • Wild Woods Golf in Castle Hill: an 18-hole, mini golf course. 23,000 square feet in size and has 40 LEGO forest creatures. No age restrictions but there is an additional fee to play. Photo.

  • Hideaway in Castle Hill: a multi-level jungle gym filled with things to climbing, crawl, and slide from. No age restrictions but very young children should be accompanied by an adult so they don't get lost. Photo.

  • Enchanted Walk a easy walk through an enchanted lego forest complete with lego animals, birds, and fish. No age restrictions. Photo

  • Miniland USA in Miniland USA: walk by displays of famous landmarks all made of lego. Some interactive buttons to press, some pay-to-play activities, but mostly for just looking around. No age restrictions.

  • Block of Fame just beside Miniland USA you will find a small path lined with historical personalities all made with Lego. These include Elvis, Marilyn, Einstein, Shakespeare, Beethoven, and more. No age restrictions. Photo
  • Build and Test in Imagination Zone: a room full of lego pieces suitable for designing cars and vehicle with wheels. Race ramps with stop timer available so you can race against one another. No age restrictions. Photo.

  • Bionicle Evolution in Imagination Zone: a room full bionicle posters, videos, displays, and bionicle characters. You can build your own bionicle with the pieces supplied. No age restrictions. Photo. This has been changed to Hero Factory in 2011; however, the idea remains the same except you have Hero Factory pieces instead of the Bionicle pieces. Photo

  • Lego Minstorms in Imagination Zone: facilitators will help your child to build motorized robots that obey commands. Child must be at least 10 years old and reservations are required.

  • Pharaoh's Revenge in Land of Adventure: a room where you can shoot nerf balls (soft balls) through air-powered devices. No age restrictions but children 5 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Photo

  • Shows and Exhibits

    Legoland California offers a number of shows, exhibits, and seasonal events. In short: The Big Test is a slap-stick comedy show about fire fighters in training. It is shown in the outdoor auditorium in Fun Town. In late October there is the Halloween costume contest along with seasonal activities. In late December there are nightly fireworks. Things change constantly so check here for details.

    All about Rides

    Almost all rides have height restrictions. See here for details:
    v At Dino Island:

    • Coastersaurus: a small, steel roller coaster that twists and turns. It can go up to 21 mph. Child must be 36" to ride and be accompanied by someone over 48" tall. Photo.
    At Duplo Village:
    • Safari Trek: Jeep-style vehicles take you on a lego safari with elephants, giraffes and more. Child must be 34" or taller to ride and be accompanied by someone 48" or taller. Photo.

    • Fairy Tale Brook: a gentle boat ride which weaves around showing you scenes from fairy tales (Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel, Aladdin, Three Little Pigs). No age limit, but child must be accompanied by someone 48" or taller. Photo.

    • Legoland Express: a small choo-choo train that goes around a lego vegetable patch. Great photos opportunity here. No height restrictions but child must be accompanied by someone 36" or taller. Photo.

    At Fun Town:
    • Kid Power Tower: Use your own muscles to pull yourself up a high tower. Then let go and free fall down to the bottom again. Great view of the entire park, quite a rush too. Child must be at least 40" to ride and must be accompanied by someone 48" or taller. Photo

    • Sky Cruiser: an above ground car where you need your muscles to power the car forward: pedal faster to move ahead. Child must be at least 36" to ride and must be accompanied by someone 48" or taller. Photo.

    • Sky Patrol: a fun helicopter ride where you get to control how high you rise and how fast you rotate. Child must be at least 34" to ride and must be accompanied by someone 48" or taller. Photo.

    • Driving Schools: two driving schools where kids can drive electric cars around a track, turn at intersections, and obey the rules of the road. Child must be 3 to 5 years old (for junior) or 6 to 13 years old. Parental participation not required. Photo.

    • Fire Academy: Ride a fire engine by pumping the "see-saw" crank; get the hose to squirt water by pumping the pistons; and extinguish the fire! Race with other firefighters to see who's best. Child must be at least 34" to ride and must be accompanied by someone 48" or taller. Photo.

    • Flight Squadron: a classic airplane ride that goes around and around. Use the joy stick to go up and down. Child must be at least 34" to ride and must be accompanied by someone 48" or taller. Weight limitation: heavy-set people may not be permitted to ride. Photo.

    • Skipper School: Get on board a seaworthy boat that looks like it is made of legos (but isn't). Use foot pedal to negotiate turns and tricky water currents. Child must be at least 34" to ride and must be accompanied by someone 48" or taller. Photo.

    At Pirate Shores:
    • Treasure Falls: Ride this classic Log-shaped boat along a water course. Be warned, it plummets down a 12' drop and you will get wet. Child must be at least 36" to ride and must be accompanied by someone 48" or taller. Photo.

    • Splash Battle: Ride boats armed with water cannons and try to soak neighboring pirate ships. You will get wet. Child must be at least 36" to ride and must be accompanied by someone 44" or taller. Photo.

    • Captain Cranky's Challenge: board a large ship which will whiz you back and forth like a pendulum. In addition to left and right, you also swivel. Child must be at least 34" to ride and must be accompanied by someone 42" or taller. Photo

    At Castle Hill:
    • Dragon Roller Coaster: Legoland California 's signatures roller coaster. Child must be at least 40" to ride and must be accompanied by someone 48" or taller. Photo

    • Knights Tournament: a wild ride where a robotic arm swings, swivels, & rotates you like a baton. Be sure to store all loose items such as hats, coins, and loose jewelry. You can adjust the intensity of the ride, but even at the lowest setting your child must be at least 40" to ride and must be accompanied by someone 55" or taller. Photo, Video.

    • Royal Joust: this is a lego horse ride that loops your child through an enchanted forest. Child must be more than 4 years old and be able to ride alone. Child should be 36" or taller, and not too heavy since there is a weight restriction. Photo

    At Minland USA:
    • Coast Cruise: a large boat will take you around a man-made pond. Gaze upon the amazing lego reproductions of world landmarks such as the Taj Mahal, Mount Rushomre, and more. No height restrictions but children should be accompanied by adult. Photo.
    At the Imagination Zone:
    • Aquazone Wave Racers: ride a 2-man hover vehicle which zoom around and around. Spectators can splash you by pressing the green button. You may get wet. Child must be at least 40" to ride and must be accompanied by someone 52" or taller. Photo.

    • Bionicle Blaster: your classic "tea cup" amusement park ride with a bionicle twist. Child must be at least 42" to ride and must be accompanied by someone 48" or taller. Photo.

    • Technic Coaster: A twisty roller coaster with a huge drop. Child must be greater than 4 years old; at least 42" in height; and accompanied by someone 48" or taller. Photo.

    At the Land of Adventure:
    • Lost Kingdom Adventure: a lego-jeep ride where you zoom along indoors (in the dark) and shoot targets with hand-held lasers. Child must be at least 34" to ride and must be accompanied by someone 42" or taller. Photo

    • Beetle Bounce: this vertical ride lifts you 15' up and then let drop/bounce back down. Child must be 36" or taller to ride. Photo.

    • Dune Raiders: a slide that is six-lanes wide and 30 feet in height. Child must be 36" or taller to ride. Photo

    • Cargo Ace: a fairly standard ride where vehicles go round and round but they do actually go 6' above ground. Child must be 36" or taller to ride. Photo

    Things to do with Babies and the very Young

    The things with babies is that they are babies. They don't need to see the entire attraction to be happy. Indeed, it is better for you to pace yourself and take it easy rather than to run around trying to experience everything. Let's face it, a cranky baby is not going to be fun for anyone.

    Generally speaking, Legoland California is not designed for babies or the very young. In each section of the park, there will be something for your child to do; however, as a whole, the park is designed for older children. For example, most rides have height restrictions and lego pieces are choking hazards for those under 3 years old. Having said that, here are some things you can do with babies while at Legoland California:

    At Duplo Village:
    • The Fairy Tale Brook is fun and suitable for babies. (a person taller than 48" must ride with the baby). Photo.
    • Water Works is visually stunning and may entertain your young one. S/he may get wet. Photo 1, photo 2, photo 3.
    • Duplo Playtown is definitely a suitable venue. Toddlers can mosey around here and enjoy the life size Lego structures. Photo.

    At Fun Town:
    • the only thing suitable for babies and toddlers in Fun Town is the 20 minute show in the outdoor auditorium called "Fire Academy Show".
    • you can take your child to the Lego Factory tour but there's not much there for a toddler. The Adventurer's Club is not suitable: it will be too scary.
    • Please note, tucked away in a corner is a Baby Care Center area where you can breastfeed your baby, change diapers and re-organize yourselves. It's a nice facility.

    At Pirate Shores:
    • Swabbies Deck is a water play area that is suitable for toddlers. But they will get wet, so bring extra clothes or buy a swim suit from the gift shop before you start. Photo
    • Hideaway is a jungle gym which may be ok for young children if it is not too busy and if you accompany them. Photo.

    At Castle Hill:
    • the only thing suitable for babies and toddlers is the Enchanted Walk. It's a gentle trail where you can see Lego wild life such as owls, salmon, deer, and fox. Photo

    At the Land of Adventure:
    • technically, babies and toddlers are allowed to go into the Pharaoh's Revenge where you bombard one another with soft nerf balls using air powered devices. However, it gets kind of crazy in there, so I would suggest that you just look and not actually go in. Or go in to grab a few balls, but then come back out. Photo

    At the Imagination Zone:
    • your best bet here is to go to the DuploPlay area. It is indoors, it is relatively quiet and calm. It's a good place to go so everyone can "chill" a little. The Lego pieces are the large 2" x 1" (Duplo) type and some of them are even the size of a brick (literally). Photo.
    • you are permitted to take your babies and toddlers to Build & Test, Bionicle Evolution and Maniac Challenge. But given their age, they would probably get into more trouble more than anything else. Lego pieces here are the small, choking hazard ones. Photo.

    At Minland USA:
    • you will be glad to hear that Minland USA is suitable for babies and toddlers. They can wander around and look at the Lego displays with the miniature cars, boats and helicopters. Some displays are interactive so toddlers can press the button and watch the Lego people move. However, visitors are not allowed to climb the fence and touch the displays.
    • the Coast Cruise is a nice and suitable ride for babies and toddlers (with adult accompaniment). Photo.

    Location, Hours of Operation, Parking

    Location: Legoland California LLC
    1 Legoland Drive
    Carlsbad, CA 92008-4610
    (760) 918-5346

    Hours of Operation: Hours of operation changes from season to season but generally the park is open 5 days a week: closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The park typically opens at 10 am and closes anytime between 5 pm to 9 pm depending on the day of the week, the season, and whether it is a holiday or not. See details here

    Parking: There is a huge parking lot: be sure to look around and remember where you parked! Parking is $12 per car and $20 for preferred parking (closer to the main entrance). Re-entry privileges apply which is to say, you can go in and out as much as you like within the same day.

    Price: Legoland California is not cheap: for a single day entry, price is $71 for adults; $61 for children under 12; and free for children under 2. You need to pay extra for entry into Sea Life Aquarium or the Water Park. There are many deals such as 2-day passes, or passes that allow you entry into Legoland California and/or Sea Life and/or WaterPark. See details here.