La Jolla Shores

La Jolla Shores beaches San Diego

This page is dedicated to the joys found in La Jolla Shores. If you are a large crowd, have young children or, are not sure what exactly you want to do, then La Jolla Shores is the beach to go. This beach is one of the best in that it has lots of different ways to have a great day.

La Jolla Shores beaches San Diego
The Beach and its surrounding environs is huge. You can look to the right & look to the left and see miles and miles beach. It"s humbling to see such an expanse of natural beauty. Most of the beach is just sand and ocean. There are no rocks to clamber on, there are no sandstone cliffs to gaze upon, there"s no seawall or piers in the way: just sand and ocean. Beautiful!

The Relatively Calm waters in La Jolla Shores allows for pleasant swimming, boogie boarding, surfing, snorkeling, beginner surfing, and just plan ol' playing. Keep in mind that we are next to the Pacific Ocean, not a lakeside beach so be careful. The beach has relatively calm waters but they contain many hidden dangers (read about them here)

A Paved Road runs parallels the beach. You can skateboard, bicycle, inline skate, push a stroller / wheelchair along, or simply walk and enjoy the view. This no-car road gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beach without getting your feet wet or sandy. Not to mention, this is where the young-and-restless like to flaunt their goods.

La Jolla Shores beaches kayak San Diego
A Boat Launch is located on the south end of the beach - right on the beach! Simply drive down Avenida de la Playa, unload your kayaks / canoes, and then go park your car. It"s very convenient and that explains why, on a good day, you can see 20 or more kayaks parked at the beach. It"s a kayaker"s dream come true.

If you don"t have a kayak, you can rent one from the shops along Avenida de la Playa. The merchants will set you up with paddle & life vest, and give you advice, if needed. Heavens, they even carry your kayak for you and help you launch-out into the ocean.

Please note, in order for everyone to play safely, lifeguards divide the ocean into sections designated by yellow-and-black checkered flags. For example, a flag may designate the end of the surfing section and the beginning of the swimming sections. The next flag will designate the end of the swim section and the beginning of the boating section. Please obey the lifeguards.

La Jolla Shores beach fire San Diego

Fire Pits and Beach Fires are allowed in La Jolla Shores. As the sun sets and the beach fires start, this place comes alive with a different sort of energy. Fires are allowed in home barbeques that are elevated off the ground and in City-designated fire pits. The fire pits are first come, first serve and during the summer, one needs to come to the beach as early as 7 am to "claim" a fire pit. There is no formal way to reserve a fire pit, just sit there and make it be known that you intend to use the fire pit later in the day. Hot coals need to be deposited in hot coal pits and not deposited onto the beach (this causes injury to unsuspecting joggers and beachcombers. Fires should be extinguished by midnight and overnight camping is not allowed. Please note that the parking lot close at 10pm, thus, you need to move your car otherwise you will be ticketed.

La Jolla Shores beaches playground San Diego

Playground, Picnic Area, and Facilities

La Jolla Shores is one of the few beaches that has a playground right beside the shore. Kids who are tired of digging in the sand, can hop into the playground and enjoy the swings and play structures. It gives parents just one more way to keep the family happy. There is a large grassy area called Kellogg Park. You can have a picnic here, play Frisbee, fly a kite, or just hang out with friends.

You can tell that this beach is really family-friendly because there are public showers and bathrooms near the main lifeguard station. These are well maintained and are generally clean given how much traffic they get. But, by evening time, the bathrooms get quite messy and the supply of toilet paper will have expired.

Location, Parking, Food

La Jolla Shores is located along El Paseo Grande and Camino del Oro. There is a parking lot at the corner of Camino del Oro and Calle Frescote. This parking lot holds 350 cars, but on the week ends, it is full by 10 am. In this case, you need to circle around and find street parking. Food can be found in the hotels and resorts along the beach. Or, go to Avenida de la Playa and have a stroll - it"s a fun little strip. You can choose between nice sit-down restaurants; pizza & burger joints; or buy your own groceries at La Jolla Shores Market.