Ice Town (UTC mall)
An Indoor Ice Skating Rink

Ice skating San Diego
Ice Town is one of the best kept secrets in the Golden Triangle Area.

UTC Shopping mall is a large shopping mall with over 150 merchants. But the big surprise is that it has an indoor ice rink where you can have a barrel of fun. This full size rink is open to the public and offers
  • public skating
  • skating lessons
  • broomball
  • organized hockey games and
  • birthday parties

If it's December but you don't sense any "Christmas Cheer", stop by Ice Town at UTC Mall and skate yourself into the holiday mood. Similarly, if it's July and you feel like you are going to melt, drop by the skating rink and cool yourself down. You'll be needing your mitts here.

The ice rink is inside the food court, so you can have a bite to eat before or after ice skating. Not interested in getting yourself bumped & bruised? Grab a cup of coffee (or hot chocolate!), sit rink side, and watch others skate, twirl, jump - and yes... fall.

During peak hours, the skating rink gets quite full: you will feel like a fish circling in a fish bowl. But, during off hours, it is completely empty and you can speed skate or twirl to your hearts delight.

Ice skating San Diego

Ice skating San Diego
Public Skating

1:30am to 3 pm
1:30am to 5 pm
1:30am to 5 pm
1:30am to 5 pm
1:30pm to 4 pm & 8 to 10:30pm
12:30pm to 4 pm & 8 to 10:30pm
1:30pm to 3:45 pm

General admission
skate rental
Children under 5 (skates included)
Students or Seniors (skates included)
Sunday Family pack (for 4; skates included)  
Annual Pass

Ice skating San Diego

Figure Skating, Hockey, and Broomball

Figure skating classes start for children as young as
3 - 5 years old. Ice Town has trained 15 National competitors, 6 National Champions, and countless medalists. Could you be the next Olympian? Try a free introductory lesson: offered on Saturdays at 11:15 am. Go early as space is limited. Call Matt for details (858)452-9110 extension 11

Ice Town has an extensive hockey program for boys, girls, men, and women. Classes start for children as young as 3 years old and progress to youth, high schooler, and adults. You will also find weekly "Basic Skills" lesson, pick up games, "stick times", clinics, camps, and tournaments. Ou - they have everything! Contact Mike for more details (858)452-9110 extension 10

Broomball is like hockey except that you use shoes instead of ice skates; a broom instead of a hockey stick; and a ball instead of a puck. Rules are the same: get the ball into the net to score! Actually no - the rules are the same: play safe and have fun! Call Dan to book a time slot (858)452-9110 extension 14

Location, Parking, Facilities

Ice Town
4545 La Jolla Village Dr # E23
University Town Center Shopping Mall
San Diego, CA 92122
(858) 452-9110

Parking is plentiful courtesy of the UTC Shopping Mall.

Ice Town is in the Food Court so you have many choices as to what to eat. Just to name a few: Panda Express, Mongolian Grill, Burger King, Hot Dog on a Stick, Sbarro, Starbucks.

Bathrooms near skating rink are small and old. Bathrooms closer to the food court (upstairs) are more spacious and modern.

All things considered, Ice Town is a pretty good outfit: it offers many classes and ice sports; it is conveniently located in the middle of a shopping mall; and it is available during all 4 seasons. Other indoor ice rinks include the San Diego Ice Arena (Mira Mesa) and the Kroc Center Ice (Rolando). As well, there are 2 outdoor ice rinks that are open during December only.