Haunted Wells Fargo Bank Building

Not all haunted places are old and coated with stories of murdered souls. The 8th floor of the Wells Fargo Building in downtown San Diego is said to be haunted.

The custodians who service the Wells Fargo Bank Building can tell you stories of paranormal activity. One evening, a custodian found a man standing in the middle of the hallway. The man turned and entered into an office room. The custodian went to investigate and found the room to be locked, and upon opening it with his key, the room was empty. An over active imagination? Or a true haunt?

Office workers who stay late on the 8th floor sometimes hear doors opening and closing, lights that are left on, and phone lines that are in use. All this when they were the only people on the floor at the time.

Most sightings are on the 8th floor but a few stories have emerged and they concerned the 12th and 16th floor. All hauntings have been reported to occur in the evenings after business hours.

Information from this page is from the book Haunted San Diego: A Historic Guide to San Diego's Favorite Haunts by G White. Beyond this, there is very little other information. I guess you'll just have to go there one evening and check it out.


listed address from book is:
8th floor
Wells Fargo Bank Building
600 B Street
San Diego, CA
but address may have changed to:
8th floor
Wells Fargo Plaza
401 B Street
San Diego, CA