Fishing at Miramar Lake

fishing Miramar Lake

If you are interested in some quiet, relaxing time with your family (or by yourself), consider fishing at Miramar Lake. Located in Scripps Ranch, approximately 15 miles north of downtown San Diego, Miramar Lake is a gem to be discovered. The lake is 162 acres in size (4 miles perimeter) with a maximum depth of 114 feet. The lake is actually a reservoir of drinking water for the City of San Diego and municipalities. Most people remember it as a wonderful spot for walking, biking, fishing, and picnicking.

Fishing Miramar Lake

Fishing at Miramar Lake

Whether you are an experienced angler or a first-time fisher, you will enjoy the facilities that this Lake offers. The lake is stocked with trout from December through March but it also has largemouth bass, bluegill, channel catfish, and sunfish.

You can fish at the shoreline, in a boat, or in a float tube.

Fishing Miramar Lake

  • If you choose to fish by the shore, please do not fish on the pier because it is for pedestrians. You may bicycle or walk around the entire lake and find a good fishing spot. Cars are allowed on the paved road surrounding the lake on Saturday and Sunday. Speckled around the lake are: 18 barbecues, 48 picnic tables, & porta-potties.
  • If you choose to fish on a boat, you can bring your own or rent one. If you bring your own watercraft, you must purchase a $5 day-use permit. There boat launch allows you to drive right up to the water's edge.

    Pedal boats, rowboats, canoes, and motor boats are available for rent on Saturdays through Tuesdays (no rentals in October and November). Motor boats must travel at a speed of 5 mph or less. Dogs are not allowed on rented or private boats.
  • If you choose to use a float tube, you must adhere to various rules & regulations:
    - must be within 150 feet or less from shore,
    - must wear chest waders and have flotation device readily available
    - must have 144 square inches of orange visible at least 12" above the water line
    - must possess a horn or whistle to warn approaching craft
    - Get details here

fishing Miramar lake
Miramar Lake does not sell bait, tackle, refreshments, nor fishing licenses but it does sell fishing permits. Adults need a license and a permit ($5). Children under 14 do not need a license but they do need a permit ($2.50). Minimum length for bass is 12". Limit for number of fish caught are: five trout, five bass, five catfish, 25 crappie, and no limit for other fish.

Location and Hours of Operation

Miramar Lake is open for fishing and boating 7 days a week from sunrise to sundown, all year round. The gates close at sundown so be sure to move your car out of the parking lot before the gates close. Overnight camping is not permitted.

Fishing Miramar Lake

Web site:
10710 Scripps Lake Dr at Scrips Ranch
Entrance to the Lake is on the left side, past the library
fishing at Miramar Lake