Farmers Market

san diego farmers market
What's better than buying your fruits and vegetables from a Farmers Market? There are quite a few farmer's markets in and around San Diego (see list here). Some are located on corner lots and are fairly small. Others are quite elaborate and include live bands.

The Farmer's Market in La Jolla Elementary School (also called La Jolla Open Aire Market) is noteworthy:

san diego farmers market On quiet Sundays, it is a delight to go to the La Jolla Farmer's Market. It is located at the parking lot of the La Jolla Elementary School. The merchants set up their tents and sell their wares. Expect to find everything from Aprons to Zebra-patterned hand bags. Check it out, it's worth it!

san diego farmers market Colorful and fresh, the fruits and vegetables are like candy for your eyes. Shop around a bit before you hand over your cash because there is more than one stall selling the same items. Yes, I did say cash because the merchants don't take credit cards here.

san diego farmers market What's a farmers market without fresh flowers? Not only can you find fresh flowers, you can also find artificial flower arrangements and succulents (cactus-like plants that grow well in San Diego). Indeed, about one out of every 4 families/couples will have bought a bouquet of flowers. Fragrant, fresh, and colorful makes them irresistible!

The only other thing more popular than fresh flowers is fresh food. The La Jolla Farmers Market serves up fresh food: skewered meats, lemongrass chicken, tortilla wraps, smoothies, fruit cups, and pastries. You can also get loaves of bread; made-as-you-wait tortillas; and kettle corn popcorn! Photos here.

san diego farmers market What else will you find at the La Jolla Farmer's Market? Clothes, aprons, handbags, hats, sunglasses, unique fabrics, jewelry, gems, handmade soaps, arts & crafts, and more. Photos here.

Location & Hours: La Jolla Elementary School, corner of Girard Ave & Genter St. Every Sunday from 9am to 1pm.

Parking: street parking available, but it is often full. You can circle around until you find a spot, or park in one of the surrounding lots for about $5. This isn't so bad if you continue to spend the day at La Jolla, for example: check out

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