Dinosaur Cafe at Balboa Park

dinosaur cafe dinosaur cafe
dinosaur cafe
Dinosaur Cafe located inside the San Diego Natural History Museum is a small distributor offering coffee, soda pop, juices, juice packs, chips, snacks, and a limited selection of soups & sandwiches.

This cafe is really designed for people already inside the Natural History Museum: people who wish to sit and recharge before continuing their day at Balboa Park. It is not a walk-in restaurant; though, if the security guard is in a good mood, and you look particularly distressed, he may allow you to enter to purchase a drink without paying for entry into the Museum.

Please note, you are not allowed to eat or drink while in the museum, so food & drinks must be consumed at the lobby level, preferably in the few tables & chairs provided.


Dinosaur Cafe is located in the San Diego Natural History Museum in Balboa Park (map location 16).

Hours of Operation

10 am to 5 pm daily
10 am to 3 pm on
Tues to Sat only