Desert Garden in Balboa Park

The Desert Garden is located on the east side of Park Blvd. The best way to get there is to walk across the Pedestrian Bridge that is near the big water fountain (Bea Evenson Fountain). Most people visit the Desert and the Rose Gardens (Inez Grant Parker memorial Rose Garden) at the same time because they are right beside one another.

The Garden is 2.5 acres in size. It is home to 1,300 cacti & succulents from around the world. Although it is counter intuitive, the garden is surprisingly interesting: it presents drought resistant plants that city-dwellers do not normally see.

You can walk along a paved path that guides you through weird and wonderful displays. Some plants are gnarly and twisted in shape. During the flowering season (January through March), you will find stunning post-card-perfect scenes of reds, yellows, and the ever present prickly greens.

Desert Garden
map location 37
Open daily. Free