Cozymels Mexican Grill

Cozymel's Mexican Grill restaurant

Being so close to the Mexican border, there are many Mexican restaurants in San Diego. Cozymels Mexican Grill is notable: it serves up good food, is reasonably priced, has efficient service, and has great decor. All in all, a good dining experience.

Cozymel's Mexican Grill restaurant

The Establishment

Probably the most interesting feature of Cozymels is its memorable decor / ambiance. There is:
- a fireplace to give you the warmth of the sun;
- a fountain to give you the sound of water; and
- lots of plants to give you refreshing view.
There's even 2-story high palm trees inside the dining room.

The ceiling is decorated with wrought iron chandeliers and ceiling fans. These are not your typical propeller ceiling fans: instead they are similar to hand held fans that might be used to cool an Aztec warlord. Mexican artifacts add to the general decor - even the plates are beautifully colored.

Most of the seating is in the form of wooden tables and chairs, but there are a some booths that line the perimeter of the dining area. The dining room is large and bathed in a warm, golden glow. Some tables are sectioned off into smaller areas - these can be reserved for private functions. Bar stools and high tables available near the bar. Outdoor seating available at the patio.

It can get quite busy, especially on Friday nights. The wait to get a table may be long, but once you get a table, the food comes relatively quickly. The staff is courteous and efficient.

Cozymel's Mexican Grill restaurant

The Food

Cozymel's Mexican Grill serves up good Mexican favorites such as burritos, tacos, and fajitas (on a sizzling platter). As well, there are Specials of the Day which are worth trying. The salsa is made in-house and fresh. Guacamole is made tableside and is also fresh and good. Free chips and salsa offered to each table. Portions are large and filling. Full bar with popular mixed-drinks such as margaritas. The dessert menu is fabulous! Be sure to save room for it. Coffee is strong and quite good. Kid's menu available: price includes a drink and dessert (bonus!).


All in all, Cozymels is one of the nicer Mexican restaurants which serves good food at reasonable prices. Because the interior is elaborately defined, this is a good place to bring business associates, groups of friends, out of town guests, and girls (guys) who you want to impress.

Locations, Hours, Parking

Cozymels Mexican Grill
4303 La Jolla Village Dr
West end of UTC shopping mall
phone: 858-654-0480
fax: 858-658-0438
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Mon to Thur:
Fri and Sat:
11 am to 9 pm
11 am to 10 pm
10 am to 9 pm
Parking is plentiful courtesy of UTC Shopping mall.