Coronado Marketplace at the Ferry Landing
A Photo Diary

Coronado Ferry Crossing

      Today, I go to the Coronado Marketplace in the City of Coronado - to get there I have to cross the San Diego Bay. I arrived at the Broadway Pier at 9 am and was in time to see the 9 o'clock sailing depart without me. Argg! What a way to start the day. It was an hour wait for the next ferry.

When they say that the ferry departs on the hour, they mean on the hour. So come a bit early to give yourself time to purchase a ticket and actually get on the ferry before it leaves. As 10 am approached, I went down the ramp to water-level and boarded the Cabrillo. Being adventurous, I immediately went to the upper level and chose a seat where I could see the San Diego skyline.
[Photo: Docking of Cabrillo ferry boat; ramp down to the ferry entrance, a seat on the upper deck with San Diego as a backdrop.]

San Diego Bay

      At exactly 9:59, the crew prepared to depart and we were off! The ferry moved slowly as it eased its way out of Broadway Pier. Soon, it picked up enough speed to make my hair (and hat) fly back behind me. The waterway opened into an expansive San Diego Bay and I saw many boats including an impressive old-time sailboat.
[ Photo: the ferry exists Broadway Pier; ferry picks up speed, an old-time looking sail boat.]

Ferry Boat Safety

      I took a moment to look around. There were life jackets under the benches and a classic "life saver" - though I think the latter is just for looks. There's a cabin of sorts with a table, chairs and large windows, so if you're cold, you can come in here for shelter and still have a great view of what's ahead....
[Photo: life jackets, classic donut life saver, upper deck cabin.]

Coronado Bridge

      Before long, I saw a long narrow structure spanning two land masses: - it was San Diego's visual landmark, the Coronado Bridge. I watched as the bridge got closer and closer and became larger and larger. I could see the cars on the bridge looking like ants. Did you know that the Coronado Bridge is the 3rd deadliest bridge in the USA? Death by jumping off the bridge....
[Photo: Coronado Bridge.]

approach Coronado Ferry        Landing Marketplace

      Putting those dreary thoughts to the side, I placed myself at the helm of the ferry and watched as the Coronado Marketplace and ferry landing approach. First, I saw a pier and buildings with interesting roof-tops. I disembarked and worked my way up the ramp towards the Coronado Marketplace. I immediately saw a hotel with a small sandy beach.
[Photo: the approach of the Coronado Ferry Landing, the ramp towards the Coronado Marketplace, hotel with beach and harbor view.]

Coronado Ferry Landing Marketplace

      As soon as I cleared the Ferry Landing, I saw the super-quaint shopping district called the Ferry Landing Coronado Marketplace. This place is classy! The buildings all have the distinctive Hotel del Coronado rooftops and the landscaping is impeccable.
[Photo: shops at the Coronado Marketplace.]

Coronado Ferry Landing Marketplace stores

      There's touristy shops that sell sea shells, sportswear, sunglasses, toys, gifts, jewelry, San Diego paraphernalia, and an art gallery too!

Coronado Ferry Landing Marketplace coffee ice cream

      After you wander around the Coronado Marketplace, you can get yourself an espresso drink from Kaffeen's or an ice cream from the Cold Stone Creamery. Settle down around the central pool and enjoy a panoramic view of San Diego harbor.
[Photo: Kaffeen's coffee kiosk, seating area, central pool, and panoramic view of San Diego (below).]

panoramic view of San Diego

Marketplace sea shell imprints
      If you are hungry for a meal, there's quite a few restaurants here too. Oh yeah, did I mention that the street has sea shells imprinted upon it?

  • Spiro's Gyro serves up Greek and Mediterranean food
  • Thai Cafe serves up Thai food (obviously)
  • Deli by the Bay serves up soups & sandwiches
  • Bay Beach Cafe serves up American food: casual dining
  • and Peohe's: an upscale fancy-smancy, seafood restaurant with no prices listed on the menu... need I say more?

Ferry Landing Marketplace things to do

      Now, if you want to actually do something beyond shopping and eating, you can rent a bike and tour the City of Coronado. You can go fishing by the Coronado Pier. Or you can do like me and just sit back, enjoy the view and watch the kids play at the beach. If you wander deeper into Coronado, you can also go golfing, or visit the Hotel del Coronado, and enjoy the city's scheduled events.
[Photo: biking and fishing at Coronado, sandy beach at the pier.]

San Diego Bay naval ships

      Now is time for me to go home. I don't want to miss the ferry back, so I'm at the Pier early. I watch the ferry approach, dock, I get on, and we're homeward bound! As we cross San Diego Bay, I am fortunate to see a large Naval ship, kayaks, and various motorized boats including one headed out for whale watching.
[Photo: naval ship, kayaks, and motorized boats at San Diego Bay.]

I'll leave that story for another day...