San Diego Bus Tour

San Diego bus tours

Are you a little overwhelmed at the thought of touring San Diego, a city with over a million people? A bus tour can be the answer to all your travel anxieties: they give you a taste of San Diego without the work in discovering the city yourself. There's a lot to see in San Diego and it's almost impossible to see it all; so, why not let someone knowledgeable show you the points of interest? Later, you can go back and explore in greater detail the places that interest you. [Photo: Old Town Trolley Tours at San Diego Harbor.]

A good tour should be affordable and have quality, personable service. Not only does the conductor drive you around, he should narrate so you can learn things as you tour the town. As well, a good bus tour should allow you to come on-and-off the bus to do some exploring on your own. Don't spend the whole day just looking out a bus window.

There are numerous bus tours in San Diego, but the Old Town Trolley Tours is pretty good.

Old Town Trolley Tours

San Diego bus tours It costs $32 ($16 for child) and you get onto an open-air, old-fashion trolley bus. It drives you around San Diego while the conductor provides information and commentaries along the way. The trolley bus stops at 10 locations where you can hop on-and-off. It runs every 30 minutes, so you can get back on the bus when you are done.

If you were to stay on the Trolley for the entire ride and not get off at all, then it would take 2 hours to complete the loop. So, if you were to disembark at every stop for one hour, it would take you 12 hours before you were done. Not a good idea: pick & choose a select few stops to disembark, or do the bus tour in 2 days. Old Town Trolley Tours offers a 2-day special where the second day is $18. You can do the second day anytime you want, not necessarily the next day.

Places where the Old Town Trolley Tour stops:
  1. Old Town San Diego State Historic Park
  2. San Diego Harbor
  3. Seaport Village
  4. Marriott Hotel and Marina
  5. Horton Plaza Shopping Center
  6. William Heath Davis House
  7. Coronado: Ferry Landing
  8. Coronado: Hotel Coronado
  9. San Deigo Zoo
  10. Balboa Park

Old Town Trolley Bus Tour
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Trolley Tours begin at 9 am and go until 5-6 pm during off season and as late as 9 pm during high season & weekends. You can purchase tickets at the ticket booths, at the Trolley Bus Tours web site, or by phone 1-800-213-2474

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