Build-a-Bear Workshop

build a bear workshop

Build-a-Bear Workshop is one of those rare things where you say to yourself, "Wow! Why didn't they have this when I was little?"

The idea is that you make your own teddy bear. It doesn't have to be a teddy bear, it could be a stuffed dog, dinosaur, lion or any number of other characters.

How it Works

Start by choosing a character (a teddy bear, for example).

Go to the stuffing station where you stuff your bear with fluff. Don't forget to add a heart or two. You can add a small device so your bear says something when you squeeze him. Sounds can be typical noises such growls, meows, and barks. Or it can be a pre-recorded song like "Happy Birthday!" But you can record your own personal message too.

Facilitators help sew your bear together. Then...

go to the cleaning station where your bear can take an air bath to remove clinging fluff. Comb him and then dress him in an outfit which you choose.

After all said and done, go to the computer stations and make a birth certificate for your bear.

Build-a-Bear Workshop is a fun place to visit even if you don't make a bear. You'll have a hard time dragging your kids out of there. If you like, group parties can be arranged 3-4 months in advance. This is great for birthday parties. There are two locations: Fashion Valley Shopping Center and Otay Ranch Shopping Center


The cost will vary depending on the animal and accessories you choose. A bear itself cost $10 to $20; clothing and accessories are $4 to $15; sound devices are typically $3 but can be $8 for personalized voice recordings.

Birthday parties for 6 or more children costs $10 per child (basic package); $15 per child (Cool Cub package); $20 per child (fashion fun package); or $25 per child (ultimate party package).

build a bear workshop