Boomers !

Boomers is a kid-oriented, family-amusement-center which offers a variety of games including:

Mini Golf

Boomers has two 18-hole mini golf courses. One has a Wild West theme and the other has a Fairytale theme. Both are excellent miniature golf courses where the "greens" are actually blue.

Mini golf is one of those things that adults and children can enjoy together, so don't be shy: grab a colorful putter and try your hand at golfing-through.

Kids almost always love mini golf. The courses can be uphill, angled, curved, humped, filled with obstacles, and sometimes just so "kiddy"! See photos here.

Adults may appreciate the game, but may find the decoration a bit cheesy. Just remember: you're at Boomers having some family fun; you're not at the Torrey Pines Golf course improving your stroke!

Depending on the number of people in your group, it can take about an hour or more to finish the course. Some days are crowded with a line-up of people ahead and behind you. Other days, it is a comfortable trickle of people - you are neither lonely nor are you rushed.

When you finish with golfing, you can enjoy some of the other attractions Boomers offers:

Price for mini golf:

  Adult: $8
  2 to 12 yrs: $6
  Senior: $3
  Replay: $3.50
  children under 2: free

Rev your engines and race your way around the track. These vehicles can go fast and the turns are sharp! Need we say more? See bigger picture here.

Driver: $7, must be 58" or taller; must be 18 year old or more
Passenger: $2, must at least 40" or taller

Bumper Boats:
Well, what else do you need to know? The title says it all. Not quite, actually: boats are equipped with a water cannon. More photos here and here.

Driver: $5.25, must be 44"
Passenger: $2.00, must be 40"


Kids County Fair:
This is like a small version of the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar. Here you can go twirl in the Tea Cups, suspend in the Lolly Swings, ride on the Train, do the Fire Chief, or get a birds-eye view on the Ferris Wheel. See more photos here.

One or two tickets per ride; each ticket is $1.25. Size restrictions on some of the rides.


Laser Tag:
As you might expect: get into teams and shoot each other with faux laser guns. Points are added up to see which team wins. $5 per game, must be at least 5 years old.

Arcade Gameroom:
It's like a dungeon in here but don't be afraid. This state of the art gameroom is packed with archade video games. What makes you tick? Space ships and alien invasion? Dancing? Snowboarding? Racing? you can win tickets from some games and then exchange the ticket for prizes.

In house snack bar offers pizza, hamburgers, chicken strips, drinks and ice cream.

Batting Cage:
A mesh net covers your area of play. Automated machines will pitch balls at you while you practice your swing. Choose easy pitches such as those in softball, or go for the high speed (70 mph) baseball style.

Bats and Helmets provided, but you can also bring your own.

30 Pitches - $2 (two $1 tokens)
15 minutes - $10
30 minutes - $18
60 minutes - $32

Closed-toe shoes required. No cleats. Must wear helmet. Team rates available with reservations: reservations from Monday to Thursday only.


Boomers ! San Diego
6999 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 560-4212
Open Daily