Biking at Miramar Lake

Biking at Miramar Lake is a treasure to discover! With theme parks like Legoland, the Wild Animal Park, and SeaWorld, why would anyone want to bike around a stinky old lake?

Biking Miramar lake

Biking Miramar lake

Surprise, surprise. Miramar Lake is a family friendly locale that will bring you and your kids back to the old time basics of family fun. The Lake itself is a reservoir of drinking water servicing San Diego area - so that, in itself, can be interesting for kids to see. Water comes from lake, rivers and streams; not in plastic bottles at the grocery store. The beauty of Miramar Lake may teach kids to value, respect, and preserve our freshwater systems.

Water supports life and this can be seen by the wildlife found in and around Miramar Lake. Most abundant are the the waterfowl: ducks, mallards, coots, geese, and more. After biking at Miramar Lake, it's fun to feed the ducks (bring your own duck food). The lake is stocked with fish so bring your fishing rods if you want to try your luck here. Various other wildlife live here, though they are shy and hard to find.


There is a paved trail that loops around the entire lake. The wide turns and gentle hills make this a very pleasurable experience. There are forks on the road where you can stop for a moment to enjoy the view and explore the sea grass shoreline.

In some sections, you can bike along an unpaved, "lower trail" which is immediately lakeside. The lower trail is made for bicyclers and pedestrians, so please share the road. More rugged and steep "upper trails" also exist. You can ride your bike across the dam and see how the man-made structure holds back the lake. The entire loop is about 5 miles and will take about an hour to complete.

After biking at Miramar Lake, you can enjoy your bring-along snacks or lunch at the picnic tables. Benches are placed along the loop so you can stop anytime for a break. No food available for purchase here, but there are clean public restrooms.

People are generally nice: mothers pushing baby strollers, fathers managing tandem bikes, elderly couples on a stroll, joggers on a run, and people walking their dog (note: dogs must be on a leash and must be more than 50 feet away from the water). Miramar Lake is not for skateboarding antics but you can rollerblade (inline skate).

For biking, walking and picnicking: open 7 days a week from sunrise to sundown (camping not permitted). Parking is free and plentyful. Cars are permitted on the paved trail from Sat through Tues. Cars are NOT permitted on the paved trail from Wed through Fri. Gates close at sundown and if you are stuck inside, the gates will not re-open until sunrise the next day.

Located at 10710 Scripps Lake Dr at Scrips Ranch. Entrance to the Lake is on the left side, past the library.
Biking Miramar lake
Biking Miramar lake