Bike San Diego!

biking in San Diego
Families bike San Diego: Mission Bay area.

Because San Diego has such balmy weather with no snow and little rain, there is a vibrant biking community here. In addition to pleasant weather, San Diego also offers varied terrains for bicyclers to enjoy: coastal, foot hills, desert, dirt-road, and paved trails. San Diego even has a velodrome (indoor bicycle race track) and a BMX (bicycle motor crossing).

Bike San Diego: Commuting to/from Work

San Diego is very much an automobile based city and very few people bike to work. However, the city is trying to change this by allowing bicycles onto the bus, trolley, ferry, and coaster train. It is hoped that this will encourage people to use public transportation in combination with bicycle to commute to work. Biking to work is also encouraged through the annual Bike to Work Day. Despite all this, only about 5% of San Diegans walk and/or bike to work. Most bicycling in San Diego is recreational. [Photo: bicycle on a MTS bus-rack.]

Bike San Diego: Recreational Biking

If you are visiting San Diego, you can rent a bike and tour the city on bike. Touristy spots like Pacific Beach and Mission Bay will rent bicycles per hour or per day ($20 - $30). You can also sign up for Bike Tours which will take you around scenic destinations like Coronado Island, the Embarcadero, Mount Soledad, and more.

If you live in San Diego, then you're already in bicycle paradise! Great weather, great scenery, choice of trails, and camaraderie - what more can you ask for? Most weekends can be devoted to biking because it rarely rains here.

Some bike routes are discovered by biking enthusiasts while others are "official bike routes" recognized by the city of San Diego. Generally speaking, there are 3 types of bikeways:


  1. Bike Paths: these are completely separate from car traffic and are the safest for bicyclists. However, because these are not city streets, the paths are not necessarily under the city's care. Bike paths may be of substandard conditions and the city is not responsible for injuries that incur within.
  2. Bike Lanes: these are on the road alongside car traffic. Bike lanes are often marked with a 6" white-strip of paint that runs along the right side of the road. Cars are allowed to enter into the bike lane only if they wish to make a right turn and they are within 200 feet of the intersection.
  3. Bike Routes: these are loosely defined, "bike friendly" segments of road whose purpose is to connect bike lanes and bike paths to make a continuous route. Some routes may include short segments of highway and should be used by experienced bicyclers only.

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