Belmont Park at Mission Beach

Belmont Park

Belmont Park is a small amusement park located beside Mission Beach. This amusement park has enough stuff in it to give you the "country fair" feel without being overwhelmed. Here, you will find rides, games, food, shopping, and more. Read all about it here:

Belmont Park


this ride will twirl you in the air, swing you round and round, and rock you back and forth. No wonder it's called chaos! It is certainly the most visually stunning ride and is second only to the Giant Dipper. Riders must be 50" or taller. Costs 5 tickets ($5)

Belmont Park Tilt a Whirl:
this is a classic ride. I remember these to look like tea cups, but it doesn't matter what they look like because they behave the same: twirl until you hurl! Passengers must be more than 48" to ride alone, otherwise a paid chaperon is needed. Costs 3 tickets ($3)

Belmont Park

Speedway Bumper Cars:
bumper cars - need I say more? This is another classic joy ride that your kids will love. Driver must be 52" or higher. Passengers must be 42" or higher. Cost 3 tickets ($3).

Belmont Park

Krazy Kars:
if you like bumper cars, give this ride a try - you might like it so much that it'll be a new favorite ride. Drivers must be 42" or taller. Cost 3 tickets ($3).

Belmont Park

Crazy Submarine:
this ride looks simple: the submarine goes up and down in a rather predictable manner. But wait till you try it... when it's coming down, it feels like you've left your stomach up in the sky while the rest of you is on the ground. Submariners must be 42" or taller to ride alone, otherwise a paid chaperon is required. Costs 2 tickets ($2).

Belmont Park

Liberty Carousel:
your classic carousel (merry go round). No age limit. Children under 2 years old can go free when accompanied by a paid chaperon. Costs 2 tickets ($2). See larger photo.

Belmont Park

Thunder Boats:
don't let the name scare you. This is another easy ride for the very young. Boats go round & round, you can yank the cord to ring the bell. Costs 2 ticket ($2).

Belmont Park Giant Dipper:
This roller coaster was built in 1925 and is one of the two original ocean front roller coasters still in operation today. It was very popular in the 1930's and 1940's but by 1976, interest faded and the roller coaster was closed. Instead of tearing it down, community members lobbied to have the roller coaster restored to its original beauty. In 1990, about 2 million dollars later, the Giant Dipper was renovated, re-opened, and enjoyed by many park goers. Riders must be 50". Costs 6 tickets ($6). See larger photo.

Rides and prices change: so head on towards Belmont Park in Mission Beach and check it out yourself!

Activities and Games

Midway Games:
There are a few fair-like games: use baseballs to knock down the panels to win a stuffed animal prize.

Aracade Games:
can be found inside a building called "Pirates of Belmont". These games are appropriate for the young and tweens. Buy tokens at the cash register, use the tokens to play arcade games, win tickets, and redeem tickets for actual prizes at the store.

Belmont Park

mini golf black light
Black-Light Mini-Golf:
Inside the Pirates of Belmont, there is also a unique, indoor mini-golf course which is lighted with black light. This gives everything a freaky, almost fluorescent glow. See photo above, right. $7 per 9-hole game; $5 for children under 5 years old.

The Plunge:
The Plunge is the largest heated indoor pool in all of southern California - it holds 400,000 gallons of water! It was originally built in 1925 when Belmont Park first opened. At that time, it was filled with salt water, but later it was discovered that the salt damaged the pool. Subsequently, fresh water was used in the pool

Like the Giant dipper, the Plunge was closed in 1987 and then renovated and reopened in 1988. It is currently 12,000 sq feet in size and offers swimming lessons, exercise classes, water polo, and birthday parties. To get to the Plunge, go through the Wave House Athletic Club. Call for more information (858) 228-9300.
Belmont Park

Wave Machine:
established in 2005; very exciting and high profile is the wave-generating machine in the Wave House. Artificial "sheet waves" are generated so you can boogie board and/or surf in a controlled environment. Photo from the Wave House

The Wave House Bar & Grill is a restaurant with outdoor tiki bars, open air barbecues, fire rings, hammocks, tropical palms, and sand pits for lounging. So you can eat while you watch others surf - get the general idea?...
Belmont Park


If you're looking for a snack, Belmont Park has plenty to offer. There are various kiosks that sell drinks, ice cream, snow cones, popcorn, cotton candy and the like. Or you can indulge your sweet tooth by visiting the Sweet Shoppe.

Looking for something a bit more substantial within the Park? You can get hot dogs (Hot Dog on a Stick) or Chinese American food (Five Star Grill). However there are other beachfront restaurants just outside of Belmont park such as Canes Bar & Grill.

More fast and easy eateries at the north end of the Park (Ventura Pl. West Mission Bay Drive). Here you will find pizza, tacos, hamburger & fries, submarine sandwiches, and sushi.
Belmont Park

Belmont Park

One of the highlights of Belmont Park is the numerous fun-in-the-sun shops. If you weren't in the mood for sand and sun, that will change once you've had a chance to browse through the various beach, beachwear, and beach accessories offered in these stores. By far "Wings" is the largest store carrying everything you can imagine from the tip of your toes (flip flop shoes) to the top of your head (sun hat) and everything in between (swim suits, sun screens, beach towels). Other notables include "Azul Beach Wear" and "Beach & Resort wear".

Even if you don't want to go into a store, you can shop by simply walking around. Kiosk will sell you T-shirts, sunglasses, sea shells, necklaces, and souvenirs.


All in all, I would say that Belmont Park is a pretty fun place. It is a small amusement park, so expect to spend about an hour there. It is best to experience Belmont Park in combination with something else such as Mission Beach or the Wave House.

Location and Hours of Operation

Belmont Park
Mission Boulevard and West Mission Bay Drive.

Opens at 11 am everyday.
Closes at varying times: generally closes at 8 pm but can be open past 11 pm during summer and peak season. See details here

Parking is free in the public parking lot.

Belmont Park