Anza Borrego Visitor Center

The Anza Borrego Visitor Center is one of the first things you should visit if you want to camp / hike in this Desert Park.

The Visitor Center was built right into the hillside. It is effectively under the ground and this helps keep it cool. The exterior blends-in with the surrounding mountains and rocks.

Inside you will find interpretive displays, free publications, and items for sale (maps, guidebooks, posters, book marks, greeting cards, and the like). There are washrooms and drinking fountains but there is no food available here. if you have brought your own food / drink, you can enjoy those at the designated Picnic Grove which has benches and tables.

While here, take a moment to speak with a ranger The rangers can give you advice and critical, up-to-date information about trails conditions.

The Visitor Center also offers a variety of free demonstrations, evening programs, guided nature walks, and junior ranger programs. There is an amphitheater where people can meet and learn from rangers and volunteers.

The walkway outside of the Visitor Center is paved and dotted with Interpretive plaques explaining the flora, fauna and geology of the state park. This Desert Garden was made by carefully removing the natural vegetation and replacing them at strategic locations alongside labels and tags.

Noteworthy is the small, sanctuary pond containing the endangered desert pupfish, (Cyprinodon macularius). These pupfish can survive in water that is near freezing up to 108°F. As well, it can survive in fresh water or in salt water. There are very few of these pupfish in existence today: most are found in sanctuary ponds like the ones in this state park.

Note: the pools themselves are not that special, but the fish's ability to survive in harsh conditions is quite special. Maximum size of females is about 2 inches (5 cm).
The Overlook at the Visitor Center gives you a birds-eye view of the Desert Garden and the surrounding mountains.

Location, Hours of Operation

Visitor Center
200 Palm Canyon Drive
Borrego Sprints, CA 92004

Park Headquarters:

October through May
    7 days a week
    9:00am to 5:00pm

June through September
    weekends & holidays only

More about Anza Borrego:

Average Temperatures

Anza Borrego temperature chart is based on daily readings (45 year average). Information is from a booklet available for free from the Visitor Center.

Month °F °C °F °C Inches  cm
January  69 21 43  6 1.19 3.03
February  73 23 47  8 1.17 2.98
March  77 25 50 10 0.76 1.94
April  84 29 54 12 0.22 0.55
May  93 34 61 16 0.08 0.20
June 102 39 68 20 0.01 0.03
July 107 42 76 24 0.03 0.77
August 106 41 75 24 0.54 1.38
September 100 38 71 22 1.02 2.58
October  90 32 61 16 0.29 0.75
November  77 25 50 10 0.52 1.32
December  69 21 43  6 0.76 1.92