Anza Borrego
Bow Willow - Mt Palm Spring
Hiking Trails

There are a handful of palm groves near the Anza Borrego Bow Willow & Mountain Palm Spring area.

The trails that lead to these oases start at the Mt Palm Springs campground. This campground is a "primitive" campground and has no facilities

other than 2 pit toilets and a garbage can. There is no drinking water, and no ranger station so come prepared (read about campgrounds here).

The trail begins at the stone, information mound. You can see one of the many palm groves from the parking lot. The six oases are connected by a 5 mile loop trail. You can see them all in one long hike; or, just see one or two of the groves and then move on.

The trail is composed of packed, coarse sand and a few large boulders. Children can easily go to the first few oases but it would be difficult to expect them to complete the entire loop trail. Shown here, a ridge that leads into an oasis ahead.

Some of the oases have suffered fire damage: you can see that their "skirt" of older dead leaves have been burnt off. The trunks themselves are charred black. Luckily, the oases survived.

In the oasis, palm trees provide shade and the air cools a little. It's a great place to rest and enjoy the view.

There are smaller palm groves along the way which you may not necessarily need to visit.

Off trail, there are some interesting rock formations which you may wish to explore.

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