Sadaf Persian Restaurant

Sadaf Persian Restaurant
Sadaf is a smallish restaurant serving up very good Persian food. There's two locations, the review describe here is for the La Jolla branch:
      613 Pearl Street
      La Jolla CA 92037

Note: The La Jolla location is now closed. A site review of the Gaslamp location will be coming soon.

Sadaf Persian Restaurant

The Establishment

Decor is simple, clean and classy. The walls are top-to-bottom mirrors so that the dining room looks twice as large as it really is. The paintings are not particularly noteworthy, but the room does have architectural installations that give it a classy, elegant style.

Tables have double layer table cloths and fabric napkins. Cobalt blue water-glasses provide a pleasing visual display.

Bathrooms are small but sufficient.

Service is quite good and personable. Food arrives in good time and is fresh & warm.

There is a handful of parking spaces available just outside the restaurant but these are usually occupied. Park on adjacent residential streets.

Sadaf has a different menu for lunch. At the time of this review, Sadaf was considering having belly dancing on select evenings. Check it out!

Sadaf Persian Restaurant
The Food

Dominant on the menu are chicken, beef, lamb, fish, and vegetarian kabobs. But Sadaf also offers very good salads, stews and a variety of flavored rice dishes. Price per entree is about $12 but can go up to $23 for larger combination platters.

A tasty, warm flat bread (called lavash) and butter comes with the meal. Rice can be:
- white (Basmati),
- yellow (with saffron),
- green (with dill weed and baby lima beans), or
- more (with black sour cherries, or lentils and dates etc).

The food is not spicy, but is flavorful so your children will either love it or hate it depending on their eating habits. Kids menu not available. Restaurant offers a small selection of white and red wines. Take out and catering available.

What to do afterwards:

As you exit the restaurant, turn left and walk along Cuvier street. There are two small shops that are worth looking at: "Sahel Bazaar" and the "International Super Market and Deli". The former sells rugs and Persian decor. The later sells all kinds of ethnic foods and groceries - I liked the flat bread served at Sadaf so I bought some more from the Super Market / Deli. Caution: the market / deli is small and jam packet with stuff piled precariously high - it's classic! Mind your step and don't be a bull in a china shop.

Even if you are not interested in shopping, it is still interesting to walk along Cuvier street were you will find some quaint houses and manicured landscaping. For example, I saw this cool tree with hanging fruits that look very much like bananas.

There are a handful of other restaurants in this strip, so be sure to walk up and down Pearl street to see what is available for your next dining adventure.

613 Pearl Street
La Jolla CA 92037
858-551-0668 (fax)
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