Living Room Coffeehouse

Living Room Coffeehouse
Without a doubt, my favorite coffeehouse and dessert joint is the Living Room in La Jolla. This place serves up great desserts, good coffee, teas, blended drinks, and food too. In essence, you can come here for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or anytime in between. It's very comfortable, has a relaxed setting, and there is a glimpse of the ocean too. Not only is it a good place to hang out, there's also a lot to do in and around La Jolla, so a visit to the Living Room can be a bonus to an already good day.

The Establishment

Living Room Coffeehouse
The Living Room is well named because there are sofas and cushy armchairs within. You can sit back and enjoy your coffee with friends. Or you can choose a wooden table or a marble-top table with padded chairs. The paintings and general decor reminds you of times gone by.

Service is good: go up to the counter, order, pay, and then pick up your drink at the bar. Food will be brought to your table when it is ready.

Indoor and outdoor seating available. If you choose to sit outside, you can watch the beautiful people walking around trendy La Jolla. If you choose to sit inside, there is a spot at the far back of the coffeehouse that gives you an ocean view - just enough to entice you to go for a beach walk after the coffeehouse.

One downside of the Living Room is that there's only one bathroom. There's usually a wait to use the facilities and it's not 100% clean (tolerable, but not great).

Living Room Coffeehouse

The Food

In addition to coffee, tea, and blended juices, the Living Room also serves up mouth watering desserts. The display case of desserts is memorable!
Living Room Coffeehouse
Oh yes, let's not forget the healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner items. These include:

- croissant
- bagels
- eggs
- muffins, scones, fruits
- hot & cold sandwiches
- pasta (ravioli, lasagna)
- quiche
- appetizers (hummus, baba ghanooj, dolma)
- soups and salads
Really, a smattering of good food.

Living Room Coffeehouse

The logo for the Living Room is an image of an elderly lady sitting beside a young man with a Mohawk. In many respects, this is true, the Living Room attracts a variety of people:

Living Room Coffeehouse
- single students who wish to study
- young couples in love
- elderly couples on a stroll
- groups of friends enjoying the La Jolla night life
- families with young children

(In all honesty, there are not very many punk-rockers in La Jolla!)

Location, Parking, Hours of Operation
La Jolla Branch
1010 Prospect Street
La Jolla, CA 92037
619-374-7233 (fax)
Open 7 days per week
from 6:30 am to midnight
No parking available
park along side streets or paid parking lots
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Other Locations:
Old Town Location Branch              
2541 San Diego Avenue
San Diego, CA 92115
(619)325-4445 phone
(619)325-4446 fax
Point Loma Branch
1018 Rosecrans Street
San Diego, CA 92106
(858) 222-6852
(fax) 222-6857
SDSU Branch
5900 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA 92115
Otay Ranch Branch
2015 Birch Road Suite 1201
Chula Vista, CA 91915
(619)216-2991 phone
(619)216-4331 fax

What else is there to do?

As you exit the Living Room, turn to the right and walk past 2 or 3 stores. You will find a walkway that leads down to La Jolla Cove, a pleasant beach. Here, you can go to the cove (head north), go to the Children's Beach and see the sea lions (south) or walk along the paved sidewalk and watch the waves smash onto shore. The Living Room is right in the middle of La Jolla - this is a trendy touristy area so you can have a good time just walking up & down Prospect and surrounding streets. There are museums, galleries, boutiques, shops, and restaurants. Not to mention, this is the place to watch and be watched.